Dry goods share! Science equinus little knowledge

dry share! Science equinus little knowledge

equinus, medical terminology, bone surgery is one of the signs.

the horseshoe varus foot is more clinical see a congenital malformation, it has a certain relationship and genetic factors, is also related to environment, intrauterine embryo developmental malformation, and so on, but each of these factors is not very sure. Your pregnant again the possibility of the horseshoe varus foot is relatively small, have chance but it is not going to happen, suggest you still observed the development of embryos.

the classification of the horseshoe varus foot

the horseshoe varus foot posture sex, because the foot is flexible, because of the late pregnancy in the uterus caused by the position of the horseshoe varus deformity, this type can massage or by gypsum support for orthopaedic, this type can get recovery soon, usually do not require surgical intervention.

in idiopathic horseshoe, this type is a classic type of water chestnut varus foot, rigid degree is often as the medium, but cause the horseshoe varus foot of unknown etiology, may be the causes of the formation of it there is a certain relationship with many factors.

the horseshoe varus foot deformity form, usually accompanied by joint contracture, bulging meningomyelocele and other systemic diseases, often very rigid, and difficult to treat.

the horseshoe varus foot correction technology

1. Early non-surgical treatment

( 1) Ponseti orthopaedic method: currently, has been the world’s affirmation, specific treatment method is as follows:

1) Massage, a plaster cast ( Ponseti plaster fixed) : suitable for less than one year of age, children will be part of the deformed according to certain procedures to correct them one by one, and then use gypsum type tube fixed ( Usually outpatient fixed 4 ~ 6 times) 。

2) Achilles tendon release: a plaster cast reaches 75 degrees above the foot outreach to Achilles tendon release surgery, postoperative a plaster cast for three weeks, three weeks after the demolition of gypsum, and replace the orthopedic shoes.

3) Orthopaedic treatment: shoes wear after orthopedic shoes further treatment, usually to 4 years old.

( 2) French massage techniques: newborns should be treated immediately, when knee 90 degrees, hold heel, another hand half a foot outward show, the legislature rectify forefoot adduction, second hold heel to outer, finally happy hands hold a foot is back, correct the horseshoe, daily technique many times until correct deformity correction.

2。 Surgery

for miss after non-surgical orthopaedic timing of children or orthopaedic due to not in accordance with the requirements for the doctor’s advice to wear orthotics support deformity recurrence of children, according to their different situations to suit the surgery.