Early found early treatment, let the children goodbye flat feet

Children from started walking, parents will pay attention to my friends. Such as whether there is some bad posture, inside and outside of eight, etc. , as the growth of the age and flat feet, foot evaginate may occur, and so on and so forth. Once parents found these symptoms must be timely medical treatment, children wear corrective shoes for recovery treatment when necessary. Correct shoes prompts you to customize center, correct the shoes do not wear, also is not the more expensive the better, but to customize according to their own foot condition, through the instrument with artificial detection, combining actual condition in big data professional foot solution is given. According to understand, correct shoes can help ease the problem children serious flat feet, such as suits under the age of 14, have flat feet, high arches of children help correct shoes, under the age of 14 have serious flat feet, after sufficient evaginate, slightly pointed foot, high X leg children help correct shoes, as well as the serious flat feet, high arches, after sufficient evaginate people use corrective slippers at home. According to the patient’s diagnosis, symptoms, signs and foot design personalized orthopaedic prescription auxiliary examination results. Established in the near future, mid, and long-term orthopaedic treatment goals, using professional software to orthopedic shoes and orthopedic insole design, make personalized orthopedic shoes mold and accessories, 3 d printing orthopedic insoles, cooperate with the clinical treatment and rehabilitation. So, no correct shoes must be from the child’s own situation, science and custom to corrective effect, otherwise can also affect the child back, have the opposite effect. Therefore, parents friends must attach importance to the child oh, when necessary to the center for testing and developing scientific correction scheme, early found early treatment, let the children goodbye flat feet.