Early symptoms of cerebral palsy children what? Alert to early cerebral palsy son of three

cerebral palsy is a relatively common kind of brain disease, more common in children, many parents for early symptoms of cerebral palsy is not very understanding, not timely treatment, so as to delay the key period of treatment. Cerebral palsy about the dangers of this disease is relatively large, so the parents should be caused take seriously, understand the symptoms of cerebral palsy early is the key. The cerebral palsy son early symptom have? Detailed introduce for everybody below:

1, the reaction of the newborn baby is drinking milk, they will instinctively mother’s nipple sucking or sucking on a bottle, but if the baby had cerebral palsy, its spontaneous movement will be significantly less than normal newborns, children with cerebral palsy may appear the symptom such as mammals are unable to or can’t suck, and easily frightened, crying is weak or the symptom such as easy to continued crying.

2 appear, infantile cerebral palsy of this disease, their facial expression is unitary, do not laugh, hands can’t normal to catch something, clench fist, and might be accompanied by muscle system diseases or symptoms of low intelligence, there will be some cerebral palsy patients limbs muscle weakness, poor mouth closed and strabismus and so on.

3, cerebral palsy patients with muscle tension is high or low than normal children, mainly for nervous or soft limbs. In addition, patients with cerebral palsy of big sports development lagged far behind normal children, generally speaking, the baby to the 4 – After 5 months, normally stretch hand to grasp things, but will also turn. But for cerebral palsy patients, they are not able to complete these alone. If the cerebral palsy go untreated for a long time, will bring great influence to children.

by the introduction of this article, I believe you son early symptom of cerebral palsy had the further understanding and the understanding. Health brings great harm on children with cerebral palsy, it not only shorter than normal children, and its intelligence also far lower than normal children, so parents should be caused take seriously. Once found that children have the above symptoms, you must went to the hospital to find out the reason, early treatment, early the possibility of recovery will also be greatly increased.