Equinus must have cerebral palsy?

Equinus in normal times is a very common phenomenon, with equinus, will give the child’s daily life and health caused serious influence, with equinus usually will appear the phenomenon of adduction of foot, can appear sometimes the phenomenon of Achilles tendon convulsion, the causes of equinus is a lot of, some people will equinus in associated with cerebral palsy, think equinus is cerebral palsy, equinus must be cerebral palsy? Correct shoes custom-made center small make up to you to introduce!

equinus is not necessarily the cerebral palsy, but if it is cerebral palsy but also has the equinus situation, and must be treated as soon as possible, the earlier treatment begins, the better. The characteristic of equinus l, congenital horseshoe varus foot. Some babies are born in life when there are two strephenopodia, adduction, and the phenomenon of water chestnut, for both sides more commonly, 2 times more men than women. Typical symptom is the inside of the soft tissue tension, not before outreach, heel cannot stretch tight. 2, newborn strephenopodia. In addition to congenital horseshoe varus, also can appear newborn pigeon-toed phenomenon, but the newborn strephenopodia tend to be more to a side, the foot is the horseshoe overpronate, but inside is not tight, might hit enough in front of the femur, the fixed wrap 1 ~ 2 months after wash all returned to normal. 3, the recessive spina bifida. With equinus will have the phenomenon of recessive spina bifida, this kind of situation is usually unilateral, inside of the front feet can outreach, foot outside can have numbness, some can be associated with urinary incontinence symptoms. X-ray radiography and CT can confirm the presence of spina bifida. After 4, myelitis horseshoe varus foot. The prevalence of the disease are relatively old, generally in the 4 years of age or older, the patient will have a history of fever, unilateral, yao long, short muscle paralysis, no fixed deformity, paralysis of muscles in other obvious, urine has no effect. 5, cerebral palsy in the horseshoe. Some babies born in life there is the phenomenon of water chestnut varus foot, generally disappear at the time of sleep, once the stimulus occurs, give priority to with equinus deformity, less strephenopodia and adduction, deformity of bilateral upper or ipsilateral lower limbs, double lower limbs overlapping gait, adductor muscle spasm obviously, often accompanied by mental change.