Exercise therapy of cerebral palsy

Cerebral palsy rehabilitation either treatment throughout needs to solve two problems. One is that abnormal pressure, also is to use the strength. Namely the hard place with don’t want to, should not disorderly hard hard. This is due to the central nerve conduction is out of control, the movement of the limbs, muscle and nerve outgoing or incoming not harmonious, to produce is not normal. Second, abnormal posture, is not normal, abnormal posture, the more obvious the more advanced disease. Is not normal and abnormal posture is proportional to the. Can relieve the two problems that appeared in clinical curative effect, can remove the two problems, cerebral palsy can recover. To solve these two problems, first of all to restore the four forces. Namely, balance, coordination, control ability, control ability. Spasm cerebral palsy ( Accounts for about 60% of the total number of patients with cerebral palsy) Mainly is the difference in balance; Brothers xu moving type cerebral palsy and mixed cerebral palsy ( Account for 20% of the total number of patients with cerebral palsy) Mainly control ability is poor; Ataxia type cerebral palsy ( 10% of patients with cerebral palsy) Mainly coordination ability is poor. Rehabilitation training is a complicated subject, is the children’s physiology, nervous spirit and psychology as the foundation, USES the exercise therapy and limb function training to implement the technique treatment, it is developed on the basis of the traditional direct therapy. Cerebral palsy treatment must be comprehensive overall consideration, according to the pediatric motor function development program for limb function training, and through the treatment of doctors hands in children with appropriate methods to achieve the goal of functional recovery. This training is carried out in accordance with the child development program to, namely, looked up, roll over, sit, crawl, stand, walk, squat, up and down the steps, the eight functions of manipulation treatment, shall, in accordance with from rough to fine, from top to bottom, farness, from simple to complex training principles. In correcting children with cerebral palsy are abnormal posture, to pass the technique makes the exercise therapy and correction technique organically rehabilitation training. Before the treatment, the patient’s motor function assessment, except by routine rehabilitation evaluation, should also be carried out in accordance with the children’s motor function development program evaluation. So both the reflection and automatic initial response assessment, and to motor development marks to divide the periodic evaluation. Scissors, foot drop, is a common two clinical signs of pediatric cerebral palsy. The cause of these two signs are: first, primitive reflex did not disappear, normal reflection has not been established; Two, is not normal cause; Three, caused by contracture. Patients in force or motion in scissors step, foot drop is caused by the abnormal force, to the technique used in training can usually correct. Children with scissors to step up under the relaxation or motion state, the foot drop, and passive movement, the symptoms will disappear, this is the original reflection has not disappeared. There are still obvious in the case of relaxation step scissors, foot drop, passive activities also can’t ease, is caused by muscle contracture, can be taken to promote meridian massage method to correct, usually takes 1 ~ 3 weeks. A seat balance is very good, can climb, will roll over children, if you can cooperate with the doctor’s treatment, 60% of children 3 months will be able to walk. But most of the children with open step is easy, it’s really difficult to walk, need long time practice, using the method of wave transport massage each joint 20 minutes every day. A better posture, the higher the quality of children with cerebral palsy living, return to society, the stronger the ability to participate in society. In addition, the simple movement function recovery is not enough, must be physical rehabilitation and intelligence, a simultaneous language rehabilitation, to make children truly rehabilitation, ease the burden for the family and society. Function training, PT) Mainly take the Bobath therapy Vojta, Germany, Japan, on the field of law and heuristic education method to correct the abnormal posture, to promote normal function of sports training. The main treatment of backward movement and motion abnormalities. Exercise therapy is the core part of physical therapy, which is one of the important treatment of modern rehabilitation medicine, is based on biomechanics, human body kinematics, the basic principles of neural physiological and neurological development, for various reasons lead to patients with movement disorders for targeted treatment and training of a kind of therapy. With the introduction of obstacles and neurophysiology, exercise therapy for some disease rehabilitation therapy has been formed in the independent system. 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