Flat feet can cure method combined with the eradication of flat feet

believe many childhood dream is to become a soldier, small make up, is no exception. But to the requirement of the army should all know, for one, such as flat feet can’t join the army. Full longitudinal arch lower outer, arch collapsed, while standing foot close to the ground around the said flat feet, also known as flat foot, valgus. The cause of flat feet are many, such as congenital or acquired factors. So flat feet can correct? Small make up today with all of you to look at.

1, orthodontic treatment. Can use some corrective device to treat flat feet, arch bracket, orthopedic shoes, orthopedic insoles are common corrective device, can effectively lighten the pain caused by foot flat, ease the pain of patients. This method is suitable for the flat feet is not serious, if the deformity is serious, this method not only has no effect, also can cause more damage.

2, stretching. Do proper stretching to stretch the feet of the Achilles tendon. Tensile tendons to help ease the pain of flat foot, and correct flat feet. However, the effect of this method is not obvious, the patient must insist for a long time.

3, surgical treatment. For the treatment of flat feet, usually suggested to adopt nonoperative treatment, but in some cases still need surgical treatment. If the skeletal abnormalities, may need surgery to correct or separation, and connective tissue caused by flat feet can be extended or through surgery to repair the affected tissue. Surgical treatment can eliminate the functional disorder of pain flat feet, but the postoperative patients could lose strephenopodia or sufficient evaginate function.

the above is about the therapy treatment of flat feet, small make up remind patients with flat feet on flat feet orthodontic practice, should be conducted regularly for a long time, in order to obtain good effect. Don’t wear flat shoes, dress with heels or in central shoes add a thin pad, or can wear shoes with flat feet corrective directly.