Flat feet don’t be too nervous, timely correction of shoe

speak true, many parents for children foot problems too much worry, see a lot of friends will be very nervous, baby flat feet seem more and more serious, baby 1 year old, to wear shoes with correct? Correct shoes have side effect to the child? Don’t wear shoes with correct, sufficient evaginate want can judge from some phenomena.

flat feet, is the sole of the foot even than ordinary flat and flat. Normal feet swell up, in the middle of the medial and formed the longitudinal, horizontal two bows. No baby arches, exercise capacity and labor in the future will also be affected. And as the growth of the age, people with flat feet feet when standing and walking easily fatigue, calf easily acid bilges, serious when the knee joint and waist have discomfort.

in general, infants and young children the foot fat plump, mostly flat feet, this is normal phenomenon, mom and dad don’t worry about it. But the baby after 3 years old can already see the obvious arch of the foot, if orthotic insole manufacturers or plain, should suspect may be flat feet. In addition, some babies because body development and the relationship between the foot ligament, can also lead to collapse of the arch. Suggest that mom and dad to observe for a period of time, if the baby after 3 years old, still often walking instability, easy movement after foot soft, fatigue, or don’t like walking, suggest take baby to the hospital as soon as possible to see the orthopaedic surgeon.

at the hospital, the doctor will check device from the image inspection on the baby’s foot bones, or do a little test for baby. Test is very simple, mom and dad at home for the baby can also test to see. Let the baby barefoot on a white powder, stepped on a piece of dark cardboard, leave footprints. Then, draw a straight line along the inside of the footprints, measure of footprints in the sag to the straight line distance. This distance, normal baby foot than footprints around 1 times greater than the width of the narrowest place. If the distance is more or less, then the baby for mild flat feet. If the distance is only 1 and a half the width of the narrowest point footprints is moderately flat feet. Exists, no sag is the severe flat feet.

flat feet how correctional?

, experts say, children in the forefoot flexibility is very strong, for children under the age of 3 physiologic flat feet, in the circumstances, the use of arch support or other special shoes for treatment, young flatfoot symptoms will gradually improve increases with the increase of their age.

in addition, should choose a pair of suitable orthopedic shoes, in addition to pay attention to the heel shoes to have a certain hardness, shoe body protection function, to select special insoles raised shoes in the arch to a certain extent, this kind of shoes could play a supporting role to the arch, reduce the incidence of arch subsidence occurred. Best to corresponding hospitals or institutions to do detailed inspection and testing, quantity order a pair of flat feet and shoes insoles, can change the movement in the process of mechanical characteristics of each part, reduce the pain of flat feet, reduce foot sequela and ligament damage.

if it is found that the foot heel bone and line of force is not a line, heel outward curved or bent outward, could be sufficient evaginate, after but 0 3 years old baby sufficient evaginate common, can see again, but if sufficient evaginate growing around 6 years old, can take their children to love has been correct shoes and custom orthotic insole manufacturers centre to measure, according to measurement results will be don’t give their children wear corrective shoes. Remember, professional organization configuration suitable corrective shoes is the first step.

if the child’s flat feet can also lead to severe pain, foot stiffness, deformation, it is necessary to normal hospital for surgery.

a lot of parents see the child’s feet flat on the floor, always worry about flat feet? Experts said, in fact, children’s flat feet, generally can be diagnosed until about 3 years old, the age before babies arch is covered by a thick layer of fat, usually form false phenomenon of flat feet.

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