Flat feet how to treat? Wear shoes with correct

flat feet is a common foot disease, appear after, must be timely treatment. Many people may methods for treatment, are not so understand, so, flat feet how to treat? With correct shoes correction is a more common non-surgical treatment, can relieve pain, and can support the arch to improve position of dislocation of the joints. In addition, the hard wear shoes can realize strong support for the foot. Rocking chair at the bottom of the shoes can ease the pressure on walking foot and ankle. For patients with ankle lesions, can use walking boots to relieve symptoms. For severe deformity, if non-surgical treatment failure, according to the pathological type to choose the appropriate surgery. Can adopt a series of soft tissue and joint reconstruction surgery to rebuild the dental arch. In recent years, more and more subtalar joint arthrodesis has been completed. By subtalar joints are placed in the sacral canal, can effectively reduce and stabilize the talus, and is suitable for the treatment of pediatric diverticulum subtalar joint stabilizer suitable for 6 to 12 years old. Due to the subsequent shape of the body, the child can use the arch reconstruction, even removed the stabilizer, the arch can maintain life, simple operation, small trauma, fewer complications, the effect is more accurate and satisfactory. However, with the fixed foot deformity or joint pathological changes of adult patients with flat feet, subtalar joint stabilizer need to be combined with other bone or soft tissue surgery can achieve the desired effect.