Flat feet running painful what should I do?

Flat feet, that is to say, the foot than ordinary flat, but also because such a flat feet running more than the average bear. Some people say that flat feet is not running, I tell you this is wrong. As long as the running of time to prepare, carry momentum is not strong, flat feet are no relationship. See below details.

some patients with flat feet running time is long, will feel very tired, also have the feeling of pain, very uncomfortable, so he came to the conclusion that flat feet can not running, so the conclusion is right or wrong? What flat feet can not running? Please see introduced: 1, shoes must be special jogging shoes ( Flat shoes must not) To minimizing the impact of the knee and damage. 2, running posture to relax, especially the thigh, knee, ankle to relax, be born when you have a habit, the natural buffer action, this is also in order to reduce the pressure on the knee and ankle. ( Compared with normal foot flat feet, ankles and knees a greater strain, so it is important to pay special attention to) 。 3, before the activity must do warm-up exercise, focus on activities knee and ankle. 4, flat feet walk or run for a long time to pain and tired, evening return to remember with hot bubble foot, relieve fatigue. Began a period of time will be very tired, slowly, need not bubble. May occasionally to the reinforcement of arch of the foot, hurts. But run too much, you should know what part of the landing with the feet, to avoid to. Run much later, also won’t hurt. Flatfoot is can run, but there are some matters needing attention in the process of running, I have given the detailed instructions, to pay more attention to with friends in patients with flat feet, in the process of running to protect their feet. Don’t be discouraged but flat feet, moderate exercise is ok, as long as ready, there will be no influence to the body. No matter who, the wrong running method can make our body uncomfortable. Flat feet just dose not too strong, because the feet can’t stand it. But normal exercise can still don’t have a wrong idea. Ankle orthopaedic centre is committed to the construction of domestic medical orthopedic system, strive to Canada mature ankle orthopaedic system introduced into China. In clinical medical institutions at all levels to carry out extensive cooperation, helping to build their own medical institutions orthopaedic department, for all levels of hospital culture, full-time or part-time orthopedic medical staff to make medical institutions at all levels have some diagnosis, detection, data acquisition, scheme design, curative effect evaluation. Will provide professional technology, services, and products, improve the structure of the medical institutions at all levels, to provide reasonable and effective orthodontic treatment for patients.