Flat feet what harm, correct shoes do not rush

flat feet what harm, correct the shoes do not rush

with the foot health attention, many parents begin to notice the child’s foot problems. Development of children, such as foot abnormality, and shall promptly take TA to the ankle or orthopaedic surgeons. Patients with mild correction can stick to shoes, still need parents to guide their children pay attention to your posture, insist to do corrections, and returned to normal. Serious foot abnormalities, need help hard high correction after wearing shoes, the doctor will match prescription orthopedic insoles, slowly straighten the biological forces has tilted line.

flat feet means of arch collapse, it bring a lot of inconvenience to our life while, what effect can you cause to human body? Flat feet what’s the harm?

1, it is difficult to walk long time

flat feet due to normal arch structure was destroyed, so that reduce the elastic foot, so it is difficult to walk or stand for long. If walking or excessive activities for a long time, the foot of neurovascular was oppressed by a long time, easy to cause excessive use foot soft tissue inflammation, caused by improper parts stress and joint pain.

2, easy to make the heel injury

because some walk easily within eight shaped flat feet, toes outward for a long time, sole heel lateral and medial often friction, easy to make the heel injury.

3, may affect the spinal cord development

because of a foot flat, make the person of lower limb function of support for the whole body is decreased obviously, the body’s centre of gravity towards the medial, thus forcing the body and spine function ability changes, may affect the normal development of the spine, spinal scoliosis.

parents always used to buy soft shoes for children, hope to let nature. But puberty child foot bones without finalize the design, as the saying goes, nothing can be accomplished without norms or standards, the unscientific love, could turn into a child’s foot health. Used to wear the shoe without any bondage, children sufficient ministry produces pathological change, will need to correct shoes to intervene.

that how to adapt to the correct shoes? We all know that correct shoe wearing is initially were be a bit uncomfortable, and I often listen to parents said now the child would not suffer any grievance, so even has become a serious symptoms, are rarely choose to wear corrective shoes. To know the child’s growth is limited, bone disease must be as fast as possible intervention treatment effect is good. Since is responsible for the child, you must find a way to let TA take effective corrective shoes!

but small make up here to remind parents, wear shoes with correct or rectify insoles, because change the habits of the comfort zone, the early need a gradual adaptation process. If children foot is too busy at that time can bring a lot of improvement, often can have a negative impact. Too much to force children to wear shoes with correct, will cause children produce negative emotions. Too much emphasis on different from other children’s at the same time, can also lead to child self-confidence. Parents should how to give their children the right direction?

in general, the child just from normal children shoes into correction, let the child to wear a few hours a day, after waiting for children to adapt to, can be appropriately extended in time. Along with the increasing in time every day, have a chance to correct the problem such as child’s flat feet or after sufficient evaginate. In addition, parents to positive psychological hint, can let the children more likely to also faster to correct shoes wear.

and professional shoes need to professional institutions to buy, to rectify the professional organization not only equipped with large professional machine measurement, through data analysis, modeling, etc to give advance configuration correction shoes professional data support, through 3 d measurement way, at the same time to know each child foot change. Professional orthopedic division will be on the scene at the same time, according to the data, combined with their own experience, adjust to correct shoes, our custom for each foot.

on more than 20 years of development, the correct shoes custom-made center through the three dimensional data modeling, orthopaedic division correction for every foot of problems, such as children to provide professional services.

corrective shoes is an auxiliary tool, the best way is to nip in the bud, with the concept of health to the baby’s feet, let foot type problems far away from the baby.