Flat feet, what should you do?

Steps to walk more often feel pain? It is very likely is a common disease in our daily life & ndash; — Is no arches or flat feet, flat foot arch is not obvious, while no obvious discomfort usually, but much walking will feel the pain of the foot. So how do we deal with?

steps/methods: 1, make a diagnosis and give treatment, flat feet, we need to do is stick to exercise the foot, you can simply do some of the toes or feet lateral movement, but to do exercise to the right, otherwise will only compound the tiredness of the foot. We pay attention to avoid bow walk much with their feet. 2, also we pay attention to is to avoid exercise for a long period of time, more can’t stand for long time, to do well enough to have a rest. Can also every day with hot bubble foot, and adhere to the foot massage, relieve pain, reduce the tiredness of the foot. 3, in addition to the above method, we can also use the correct shoes or corrective insoles, though probably skeleton is not to rectify, can significantly reduce the foot pain. At the time of buying shoes, must choose between high shoes, avoid flat shoes, so is good for flat feet! Note: flat feet treatment is the key to reduce the pressure of the foot, so don’t let the noise of footsteps have much fatigue.


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