Flat foot insoles can rectify flat feet, several methods for his work

flat foot insoles any use of the four methods to treat flatfoot works

flat feet, commonly known as flat foot disease is a common and usually painless. Flatfoot is inside of the foot arch of the foot flatten. The cause of flat feet mainly can be divided into three categories. One is the foot muscle abnormalities, such as abnormal muscle protection anterior portion. Secondly, the foot bone abnormalities, mainly with bone position such as bones, metatarsus, boat and abnormal shape flat feet. Third is genetic factors leading to the flat feet, and often multiple genes. So flat foot insoles useful? Methods flat feet, there is what? Learn about the together.

for patients with flat feet, do early found early treatment is very important, as long as to be able to detect disease symptoms, later in the active treatment can prevent the emergence of a variety of complications. Whether children or teenagers, appear after flat feet flat foot insoles can be used to play the role of adjuvant therapy, this method is a non-surgical therapy, can help patients relieve pain, but also can improve joint function. In addition to using flat foot insoles to play the role of adjuvant therapy, there are some other methods can also play the role of flat feet.

the current clinical treatment for different degree flat feet are usually can be divided into the following kinds:

1, using the correct device for treatment. Arch, orthopedic shoes, orthopedic insoles orthodontic appliances can help alleviate the pain caused by flat feet, relieve the suffering of the patients.

2, stretching. Do proper stretching exercise can stretch the feet of the Achilles tendon. Stretching tendons can help ease the pain of flat feet, but also help correct flat feet.

3, surgical therapy. For the treatment of flat feet usually suggest non-operative therapy methods first, but in some cases still need to adopt surgical therapy. Such as the abnormal shape or together is the bone may require surgical correction or separation, and caused by the problem of connective tissue flat feet may be extended by surgery or repair the affected tissue to treat. Surgery can eliminate the functional disorder of the flat feet cause pain, but may lose strephenopodia after surgery patients or sufficient evaginate movement function.

4, a plaster cast. The rigid sex flat feet can adopt the method of a plaster cast treatment, the treatment principle of main braking, slow flat feet to the pain of patients, but not have the function of the orthopaedic a plaster cast. In general, a plaster cast time usually for four to six weeks.

a flat feet after can affect not only the movement function of patients, and may induce some other complications, including ankle arthritis, knee arthritis, etc. So the parent observes the child friends at ordinary times must pay attention to walk, if you have flat feet problems, will take children examination and treatment in time, to minimize the adverse effects on the children health disease.