Flatfoot corrective shoes | may you simply do not know you are flat feet

before running in the playground, miss zhang’s homecoming joked that the appearance of her running slightly a bit odd, miss zhang was able to shrug off as a joke. Recently, a friend of miss zhang remind her walking posture is very bad, like a lame man, shoot video showed miss zhang from behind miss zhang didn’t realize the seriousness of the problem. Go to a hospital checking, the doctor said this is because the flat feet lead to miss zhang.

what is a flat feet?

flat feet disappear is simply a foot arch structure, make the arch unable to play a normal role.

arch is by foot bones ( Calcaneal, astragalus, navicular, wedge, metatarsal bone, etc. ) Arch structure, consisting of tibialis posterior and long peroneal muscle, plantar fascia ligament of arch played an important supporting role. Arch into the medial longitudinal arch, the lateral longitudinal arch and transverse arch three parts.

arches of the main role is to make a foot of neurovascular from oppression, buffer shock absorption, can adapt to the uneven ground and have good flexibility, while maintaining stability, and produce certain propulsion. So, arch is also known as natural shock absorbers.

flat feet what harm is there?

with the development of the society, the phenomenon of flat feet did not decrease, but has increased. Compared with the foot type measurement results of the last century 60 s, at present our country has quite a few people have flat feet. In particular, 12 – 30 years old crowd, rose more than 20%. A survey in the United States found that 27% of human flat feet. So flat feet is a common phenomenon, need not make a fuss over it.

flat feet are not flat, and that is a kind of the type of normal foot, to walk no influence, no pain or discomfort in the flat feet don’t need to be dealt with. If the flat with the symptoms such as pain, is called a flat, just may need treatment.

first, flat feet can cause deformation of the ankle joint, traumatic arthritis, is likely to have the most common is the ankle swelling, pain, limited activities before and after the flexion and extension. Second, flat feet can cause heel pain, plantar fasciitis, plantar blood vessels and nerve compression leads to pins and needles, etc. Therefore, patients with flat feet can’t long time of walking, running, jumping, etc. Finally, tell from the morphology, flat feet often accompanied by of knee extension, will cause the leg muscles bulge and enlargement.

how to correct or flat feet?

flat feet can be divided into plastic flat feet and rigid flat feet. Plastic flat feet refers to the stand, the weight of the load make arch collapse or disappear, and when there is no weight load of arch is normal.

plasticity flatfoot is primarily due to a foot thick fat, muscle and tendon force caused by the weak, such as the posterior tibial tendon dysfunction ( PTTD胫后肌腱功能障碍) Is leading to a common cause of this type flat feet. By strengthening his ankle and calf muscle training, can compensatory arch collapse, corrective effect is better.

and rigid flat feet, whether load or not loading, the arch there are failures or disappear, this type of flat feet are often due to the formation of arch bone deformities caused by mutual position. The situation more difficult to correct, the surgical treatment effect is good. Surgery including bone cutting orthopaedic and ligament strengthening comprehensive mode of operation.

that is to say, before the age of 14, by the way of targeted arches abnormalities are also likely to get correct. Among them, the correct shoes and sports is the correct way is more effective. On the market, many on foot to rectify the correct shoes, consumers how to identify? Correction of shoes where did you get better?

orthopedic experts believe that a correct shoes and glasses, is the need for individual circumstances, can’t buy anything. In this case, if a child has serious flat feet, you first need to do is to go to some professional orthopaedic center, the measurement of the foot, ankle again according to the measured results, choose corresponding solutions.

parents can bring children to correct shoes ordering center for inspection and consulting, their foot division correction when correction fitting shoes to the child’s foot 3 d scanning, gait tracking and other professional assessment, and comprehensive consideration of physical development situation, such as height and weight gives professional advice. After that, to get the corresponding solution according to the opinions of the professionals to customize the correct shoes.

of course, in addition to wear appropriate corrective shoes, parents should encourage their children to actively also do some exercise. Such as: toe exercise, exercise the child’s calf muscle thenar muscle; Toe movement, exercise thenar muscles. Cooperate with reasonable exercise every day, can exercise thenar muscle, increase the flexibility of thenar muscle, improve the condition of flat feet, help restore normal arches.