Flatfoot is to have a chance to correct the correct flat feet seven correction method

flat feet is common in the life of a kind of foot deformity, also known as flat feet, flat or flattened valgus, etc. , it is because of a foot inside parapodum bow curve radian smaller, under the upright posture, arch decline or even disappear in duck palm of a phenomenon.

the correct flat feet five correction method

1. Muscle exercise. To thenar muscles of exercise appropriately, can take decubitus with toe-hook bedrail, practicing, foot from inward force at the same time, and heel area to separate. Training can be three to two times a day.

2。 The rectification method. For some serious flat feet, you may need to use operation method for correction. It is also commonly used more effective antidote. This process may need to cut off the foot bone bridge, and then to change by fixed flat feet.

3。 Toe walking method. For patients with flat feet slightly sex, body therapy can be used, such as walking on tiptoe? Can also perform flexion toe movement. But also need to carry on the long-term exercise every day, but it can’t carry momentum is too big, avoid to cause toe muscle damage.

4。 Physical massage method. By physical therapy massage to strengthen muscle exercise, this also is a kind of treatments of the auxiliary way. Can massage foot parts every day, and for toe points, also need to massage the right amount of heat.

5。 Correct method of shoes. Insoles by wear flat shoes or diseases of correction, to change the flat feet.

6。 The heel inside the court. This way by reasonable pad inside insoles, load to offshoring. This is also a kind of common flat feet correction method.

7。 Comprehensive correction method. By multiple correction way, carries on the comprehensive correction to achieve change flat feet, which belongs to the normal usage.