Foot evaginate how to treat? Grasp the best treatment period

Many parents commonly found until the child learning to walk, children have valgus foot problems, as the doctor often late. Valgus foot is a congenital disorder, but under the existing medical conditions can be cured, the premise is that during the best therapy for timely treatment, or delay the time, the treatment effect will be different. A, foot evaginate

how to treat? 1, the gimmick rectification: generally fit within 6 months or less light. Since after earlier is better. Led by doctor church mother or child, to rectify the front foot adduction, to correct the talus under joint varus, and then correct the plantar flexion of ankle joint. Epiphyseal technique should be soft, in order to avoid damage. Each correct position keep 10 seconds, each 10 & ndash; 15 minutes. General claims before feeding. 2, plaster external fixation of tubular correction: plaster external fixation of tubular corrective action will give children bring inconvenience, mainly is suitable for the march & ndash; 1 year old, and gypsum to every 2 & ndash; Replaced every march, know rehabilitation. Therapy: 3, surgery is the most common method, but a surgery that are more serious illness, is mainly suitable for more than six months, the technique cannot correct the child, but the operation effect according to the condition of not with will also vary. Second, the best treatment period sufficient evaginate valgus foot treatment time is, of course, the smaller the child the best treatment, the better, the child should evaginate correction the sooner, the better, because valgus is increased with the increase of load more and more serious. Early eversion with correct shoes fit eversion orthopedic insole can be corrected, and keep the children’s feet in the normal position, the collapse in arch of the foot cushion, so that children in the later in the process of development is the right direction. 10 years old age is too big, the skeleton deformation, no matter adopt what kind of therapy, is likely to return to normal foot shape, can only control the valgus no longer continue to develop, on the basis of the existing do improved to a great extent. Three, the fixed foot evaginate of auxiliary exercise 1, acupuncture therapy: acupuncture therapy for the treatment of sufficient evaginate effect also is pretty good, but when acupuncture on children, because children easy to move, therefore, the treatment effect is limited. 2, exercise therapy: in view of the children of movability character, exercise therapy can be used to the child sufficient evaginate for treatment. Method is commonly used clinically to crawl exercise, because, crawling is beneficial to children increase knee joint control, coordinate their movements and so on, insist for a long time, the effect is good. 3, crawling, knee QuQuWei and helpful to the correct genu zhong, at the same time increase the knee joint control, coordination of motor skills, is knee joint flexion and extension dorsiflexion of training, improve the extensor muscle strength, muscle coordination antagonism ability. 4, squat training, squat knee flexion 9 degrees, the knee should be 140 – while standing 160, avoid knee hyperextension.