For a walk to have good, what is good?

walking is beneficial, because walking belong to low intensity exercise. Today the habits of the people to sit is given priority to, every day sit most of the time, the resulting many adverse health consequences, obesity is his representative, all sorts of rapidly rising incidence of chronic diseases are associated with this.

in order to change this situation, the authorities suggest activities at least 150 minutes a week, even for a walk, also calculate and can have health benefits, helps to control weight, prevent chronic disease, for chronic diseases patients also have relieve symptoms and control effect.

walk to aerobic exercise, is suitable for various age groups, especially the elderly, the elderly if strenuous activities easy to appear problem, so they have to start walking exercise, not only have all kinds of benefits to the body, or the best way to prevent dementia.

just take a walk, if I conditions permit, to strive for to speed up the pace, reach the level of fast walking, so you can get the most health benefits from walking.

however, exercise is only one aspect of a healthy life habits, and is not everything. ‘After supper walk, live to be ninety-nine’ is only a phrase, in addition to exercise, eat a healthy diet, guarantee a good night’s sleep, pay attention to personal hygiene and protection, regular checkups and vaccinations, quit alcohol, this is a healthy life.