From what respect for children with cerebral palsy to nurse

Pediatric cerebral palsy patients need meticulous care, which are the parents and family members to do at ordinary times, now a lot of people don’t know how to care patients with pediatric cerebral palsy, therefore can not be very good control their condition for them, in fact, children with cerebral palsy patient care is the life intravenous drip, as long as we pay attention to, then don’t have to worry about his condition will be further increased.

pediatric cerebral palsy of nursing is embodied in all aspects of life, such as: eating, living, etc. Whether it is on the one hand we parents friends must be particularly careful attention, only in this way can the real guarantee their condition under control, no longer hurt, details are as follows: 1. Reasonable nutrition: advocate breastfeeding, especially small premature and gestational age. Breast milk is not enough, the reasonable mix feed or artificial feeding. Children supplement various side dish, including all kinds of vitamins and minerals, proteins. Should be easy to digest food, high nutritional value. Example: milk, soybean milk, egg drop soup, lotus root starch, fruit juice, beef soup, etc. 2. Most of the children with cerebral palsy with obstacles chewing and swallowing, closed due to oral ability is poor, often flow saliva, the first step in the digestion of food is affected by the serious. Could eat only liquid, pap, the influence of some nutrients intake. So deal with cerebral palsy to choose easy absorption of nutrition food. 3. Time keep quiet clean room, ventilated, regular disinfection of air, ground, morning care carefully thoroughly. 4. To keep warm, pay attention to children’s clothes should be soft and comfortable. Tableware, milk boil disinfection on a regular basis. 5. To prevent children with abnormal posture, and teaches children practice should be complete without action. For example, roll over, crawling, with a handheld, kneeling instant. By corrective custom-made shoes center mentioned above for the nursing methods of patients with pediatric cerebral palsy have fully understanding, pediatric cerebral palsy were plain to see from nursing note there are a lot of, have to do to help children control condition, to help them get rid of the disease at an early date, have a happy life.