How about sales of insoles flat foot of Ideastep Insoles?

Based on the enlarging customer base, we can know that we have gained a rapidly increasing sales volume of insoles flat foot per year. This largely attributes to the word-of-mouth referrals of our existing customers. Our products, coming from hard work and intelligent labor, are the crystallization of our wisdom. They combine all the superior characteristics of the adopted raw materials and are endowed with stable chemical and physical performance, which give them increased popularity among customers. Their long service life makes them more value-added. All these attributes have retained our customers and ensure high sales of our company.

Depending on years of exploration, Xiamen KON Technology Co., Ltd. shows strong capabilities of designing and manufacturing running shoe inserts over other competitors. cycling insoles produced by Ideastep Insoles is very popular in the market. The design of Ideastep orthopedic shoe inserts takes many factors into consideration. They are physical safety, surface property, ergonomics, stability, strength, durability and so forth. Its sizes can be customized as per the prescription and foot scanning graphics. This product comes with physical equilibrium in structural balance. It is able to withstand lateral, shear, live, and moment forces. Made of fabrics with ions and resins, it is odor-free and features wet absorption.

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