How can correct shoes custom scientific and effective?

Correct shoes is a kind of auxiliary appliance orthodontic treatment for ankle rehabilitation engineering, generally more customized for children. For children’s growth of bone has not been fully developed, so may be due to genetic or bad walking habits of foot problems, if not particularly serious, usually adopt the method of correction shoes for correction.

usually, like children the correct shoes custom center large professional stop center, tend to have a professional doctor and rehabilitation engineering and technical personnel, based on the patient’s clinical signs and biomechanical test results, in under the guidance of the theory of clinical medicine and biomedical engineering, technology as the means, such as orthopedic and shoe making correction is more advantageous to the patient’s shoes. Orthopedic shoes with special structural design, with biomechanics means to orthodontic force applied to ankle area, used to prevent and correct foot deformity and treatment and improve pain, lesions caused by abnormal foot structure and joint instability, abnormal limit of the foot joints, loss compensation foot function, delay and improve disease occurrence, development and promote the healthy development of children, improve the patients quality of life. Orthopedic shoes there are two common types: tailored personalized orthopedic shoes and finished orthopedic shoes. Ankle orthopedic physicians according to patients’ symptoms, signs and auxiliary examination results, foot orthopaedic prescription, for patients to choose the appropriate orthopedic shoes. Tailored orthopedic shoes is according to the patient’s specific symptoms, test results, the foot personalized design and production, the data of patients with better targeted, has good function. But tailored orthopedic shoes made a long time, the price is higher. Finished product orthopedic shoes due to batch production, the cost is low, low price, the advantages of fast speed. In view of the mild foot disease and foot health care treatment, has a good effect. Second, the structure of the orthopedic shoes. Orthopedic shoes structure is relatively complex, generally by the uppers, soles and shoes a built-in brace of three parts. 1, the vamp by former shoes help and central shoe body, followed by the help of upper structure by the fabric, material, fixed with three parts. Orthopedic shoes fabric and inside is made of natural leather has good ventilation, beautiful, sturdy and durable, etc. In recent years some breathable fabrics of chemical fiber and fabric because has the advantages of lightweight, beautiful, rich design and color, in use. Orthopedic shoes fixed belt can be divided into my shoe, and the nylon fastening two traditional way of orthopedic shoes with shoelaces fixed, with stable structure, the advantage of fixed firmly, but when using wear to take off the red tape. Nylon fastening has the advantages of wear to take off the convenient fixed also relatively strong, but the loss of ability to use after a period of time to paste, fixed the effect will be reduced. 2, sole consists of shoes outsole, in the bottom, heel and sole material according to the design of shoes, different roughly divided into the following; Cowhide outsole: made from natural cowhide, strong, durable, high cost. Rubber outsole: natural rubber as main ingredient added a variety of ingredients to make, wear-resisting, prevent slippery, slightly heavier weight. EVA outsole: with ethylene/vinyl acetate copolymer material for the production of main ingredient added a variety of ingredients, lightweight, soft, wear resistance is a bit poor, skid resistance under the influence of water is a bit poor. PU outsole: give priority to with polyurethane referred to as polyurethane materials added a variety of ingredients, lightweight, good elasticity, wear-resisting, but the water skid resistance is poor. Use leather shoes in the bottom, PHYLON, EVA, PU and other materials. 3, orthopedic shoes: built-in brace is much by PP, leather, PU, carbon fiber resin pulp, chemical materials such as hot melt adhesive treasure, treasure. Finished orthopedic shoes built-in orthoses are mold, custom-made orthopedic shoes need to orthopaedic built-in brace prescription for personalized production. 4, orthopaedic sole and heel special design 1) SACH heel: the second part of the heel using soft, flexible material, reduce foot followed when shocks, relieve heel, ankle under ground reaction force. 2) Thomas: heel heel in the inside of the way to the foot part, used to support the medial longitudinal arch. 3) Against Thomas heel: heel forward extends to the outside of the foot part, used to support the lateral longitudinal arch. 4) Wedge heel: in the heel medial or lateral inserting wedge materials, used to regulate the power line to the heel bone. 5) Shake hand: in the metatarsal bearing area and arc stripes, change of roll axis. 6) Metatarsus: the stripes in the metatarsal bearing area and flat bars, change the plantar pressure distribution. 7) Fill high: in a sole mat is high, is used to make up for the double lower extremities isometric. Three, orthopedic shoe style 1, traditional style is lace-up style, more common are Oxford style, Derby patterns, Gibson. 2, it can choose bigger scope of modern style, as long as can conform to the requirements of the orthopaedic prescription design, can accommodate enough orthopaedic space, can be as orthopedic shoes design, custom-made personalized orthopedic shoes can according to the needs of patients with their favorite orthopedic shoes design. Four, orthopedic shoes prescription design: by orthopaedic doctor has a rich experience in clinical orthodontic treatment, to give full consideration to the patient’s disease type, stage and after the situation, combined with the foot of the physical examination, clinical detection, foot biomechanical testing results, then comprehensive analysis. Orthopaedic prescription to possess a global concept, establish the recent orthopaedic, mid, and long-term goals, with good clinical treatment and rehabilitation of different needs. Orthopaedic prescription design should fully consider the difficulty of making, orthopedic shoes beautiful degree, comfort, performance, psychological influence factors, and establish a good follow-up mechanism.