How does Ideastep Insoles manufacture heel pads ?

Xiamen KON Technology Co., Ltd. as the leading producer of heel pads , sets the corporate tenet of “Quality Comes First”. We have a complete manufacturing process for the product, with each section fully controlled to meet industry and market standards. Starting with raw materials, we carefully select the materials qualified for further processing. In the workshop, we adopt high automation machines to assemble the spare parts and ensure the fast turnover of the product. At the end of the production, we examine the product appearance and do some tests to ensure premium quality.

Ideastep Insoles is a leading enterprise specializing in manufacturing custom orthotic insoles. Our outstanding capability in this industry is well-known in the market. heel inserts produced by Ideastep Insoles is very popular in the market. Ideastep thin foam sheets has been assessed in many aspects. They are stitching & seam strength, fabric construction, embellishments, colorfastness, dimension stability, and durability. The anti-wearing EVA and cushioning top cover maintain the shape of the product and provide reliable support and comfort for up to 1 year. Ideastep Insoles carries out strict quality control in raw material selection, the whole production, and finished products test. This ensures that insole orthotic is high-quality and performance-stable.

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