How is flat feet? Prevention of flat feet well this time

flat feet of the foot deformity, and heard, it is a kind of low arches or disappear of foot disease, the patient will show the foot pain, swelling, and various degrees of abnormal gait, serious still can appear flatfoot deformity. Flatfoot symptoms of understanding degree is relatively high, but for the formation of the specific process, understand the degree may be relatively low.

in what form the flat feet?

flat feet can be congenital, also can be acquired. Children often arches formed in 4 ~ 6 years old, most of the children and adolescents is congenital flat feet. Adult flatfoot children can be a continuation of flat feet, secondary cause may also be other reasons, led to arch collapse. Symptomatic adults secondary flat feet, called adult acquired flatfoot symptoms. Secondary arch collapse caused by many reasons such as joint degeneration, trauma, rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, neurological disease, tumor, posterior tibial tendon function not congruent.

may be secondary to some diseases, such as diabetes, tuberculosis, rheumatism, heart disease and some chronic wasting disease, these diseases can cause nutrition not benign muscular atrophy, slender and ligament relaxation, when the foot a little weight, easy to cause under the arch collapsed, secondary flat feet. Flat feet may occur secondary to joint degeneration, trauma, posterior tibial tendon function not congruent.

how to prevent acquired flatfoot?

1, pay attention to the activities of the foot, foot ligament strain due to avoid excessive activity, the surrounding muscles also easily tired, the foot muscles of exercise can be appropriately, toes, toe movement, for example, both to improve foot muscles and ligaments force, promote the development of arch.

2, alleviate foot fatigue in time, on the other foot when walk or for a long time after the activity, can alleviate arch by massage and hot compress fatigue, so as to prevent flat feet.

3, choose the right shoes, insoles, is also important to preventing flatfoot. As far as possible choose right size shoes, sole is hard, to strengthen the supporting force insoles, stable heel bone, the range of the control after sufficient evaginate. With soft hard moderate insoles, to buffer the reduced pressure, reduce the arch wear.

flat feet early detection is very important, the earlier found that the earlier treatment begins, the possibility of recovery. Rectification therapy is commonly used flat feet, severe deformity consider surgery, the concrete treatment methods vary from person to person.