How to correct length of legs this problem?

Under normal circumstances, the length of the two legs are the same, so walking is very balanced, but because of some special reasons, such as some people have one leg suffered serious injuries, this may lead to two legs is not as long, and then walk will not balance, and will greatly affect the person’s activity, in short, the harm of length of the leg is very large, so how to correct the problem?

a find a soft hard moderate, supine, sports about 3 ~ 5 cm thick cushion, cushion under the long legs on the other side of the hip. Lie on your back with his hands holding knee to knee, heel, foot great toe, double toe knees feet don’t separate, such as knee can’t together, usable cotton with upper knee and foot upper bound together, in short legs hip cushion cushions to 5 cm, with bent elbow push pull his knees to the chest, looked up at the same time, chin looking for knee. Relax under repeat 50, 3 times a day. Second, after lumbar adjustment tied legs, hips, below the waist cushion cushion 8 cm. May help restore physiological curvature of the lumbar spine, but began to don’t be too long, in principle, the first week of pad 3 minutes at a time. After a week of felt less pain in waist can add 1 minute. Do 4 minutes after a week at a time, and then to five minutes for a week. So add 1 minutes a week, to 8 weeks about can increase to 12 minutes, then I don’t add to it. Pillow mat, pay attention to a key, the body lay, feet and walked with the chest can be used to point force, and the waist cushion pillow do not force. Three, curled kneel legs together, kneeling posture, leg knee move back 3 to 5 cm long, long legs buttocks sitting on the outer edge of the short legs foot, rotate lientang legs to the body, while the knees and hips kept the original position. Four, flex movement side wall standing, tiptoe about 12 cm from metope, long legs back 5 cm, the heel is 15 open? , knee to tiptoe, hands on the wall, forearm parallel to the ground, chest went on as far as possible, hold out a bosom boo, spine physiological bending formation, both hands wall motionless, the body up and down, just start may flex is not big, don’t force yourself, step by step. Middle-late 100 each a day early.