How to judge yourself flat feet? Is there any difference between nature and nurture?

everyone’s feet have a perfect curve, we often call this arc is the arch of the foot. Arch, can help people walk buffer shock, to adapt to the terrain, remained stable.

and flat feet can cause collapse of the arch, at the time of jumping or high ground, the body of the elastic cushion is small, the impact of the corresponding is big, easy to damage the bony structure.

the foot can be directly affect the knee, hip, or even the spine, and a variety of symptoms, such as X leg, pelvis forward, spinal scoliosis, high and low shoulder, heel bone eversion and knee pain. 。 。 。 。 。 This is extremely important. Like building a house without a good foundation, the floor will appear inclined upwards.

the reference below, for flat feet lead to changes in body bone

flat feet in childhood may have no symptoms, but it will be as the growth of the age, hidden biological force line change hidden trouble to human body, such as would be faster than the average person appear on the lower limb joint pain, back pain, back pain.

about flat feet, to take seriously. Self check together!

start test

1. Self test method of flat feet

the first step: barefoot, wet feet touch water

step 2: to find a newspaper or a blank sheet of paper, use normal force walk to

the third step: observe the arch, look at the inside of the presence of uplift, judging and controlled below

at the same time, flat feet can be divided into congenital and acquired, so, please continue to complete the test 2. 。 。 。 。 。

2。 Are you a congenital flat feet

the load cases ( The feet off the ground) Arch, exist;

load cases ( That is stamped on the ground) , arch is low or no arches.

本; — Acquired flatfoot

in the weight-bearing situation ( The feet off the ground) With the weight ( That is stamped on the ground) The arch doesn’t exist.

本; — Congenital flat feet

congenital flat feet, is due to genetic or congenital dysplasia, foot musculoskeletal abnormalities and produce, is relatively rare. Degree slightly, will return to normal after growing up, serious, will appear in the puberty complications. Congenital flat correction, need to use the correct insoles, prevent body more questions.

acquired flatfoot, because of the long walk is not correct, wear inappropriate shoes for a long time standing, walking or running result in collapse of the arch. Can add a corrective insoles through certain training, achieve correct results.

in general, wear corrective insoles for a chance to heal completely before the age of eight, if more than 8 years old the insole can only use function improved.

through the above two tests, make sure you know what is the type of flat feet?

this is a preliminary judgment, the more professional assessment also need detailed data support. Farce kernel rehabilitation centre continues to provide the broad masses of friends by September 30 foot health testing services free of charge. There comes the

farce kernel professional testing including

if spinal scoliosis

abnormal hip position

ankle inside and outside double degree

presence of hallux valgus

scaphoid decline degree

the length of the metatarsal data

. 。 。 。 。 。

flat feet need not be surgery! How to correct?

s custom orthopedic insole

complete biomechanical evaluation is very important, find out the foot root problem, and then made out truly belong to his foot orthopedic shoes. Through the insoles to adjust the lines of force of lower limb, effectively relieve symptoms.

in addition, custom insoles, suggest that regular return visit tracking on a semi-annual basis, according to the condition of the latest correction to adjust; Especially in the development of the teenagers.

s foot training


activate thenar muscles

as flat feet can make a foot muscles in the inactivation state for a long time, can catch a towel, clamping blocks, such as motion activate plantar flexors, help find ontology sense, provide the correct preparation.

recommended training not less than 6 groups, each group of not less than 15 times. Can also be used on the beach barefoot, walking on the grass, stimulate the foot feeling.


tiptoe stand practice

5 minutes walking on tiptoe, we walk heel can’t landing; Or stand tiptoe stands for 10 minutes.


arch training

toes upwards, a foot down and stomping on; Exercise 10 minutes at a time.