How to use massage method to prevent flat feet

Patients with flat feet easy to feel tired while walking, will feel a foot pain after walking too long, and signs, and even lower limb lateral and waist pain. If a patient at ordinary times can insist on a foot massage, can promote the blood circulation, relieve pain. So, how to use massage method to prevent flat feet?

steps/methods: 1, the patient sit up, put one foot in the first leg knee, with strong hands thumb press foot heart 5 seconds, repeat 5 times, then again at the same point finger pressing yongquan cave. And then, take out the bottle or small round stick massage foot 3 – back and forth 5 minutes. After the above steps for the other foot. 2, patients with toes touchdown posture, the body’s centre of gravity on the heel, upper body lean forward a bit, make the foot straight as far as possible, and to achieve the effect of stimulation, the position for 20 – For 30 seconds, after a little rest, redo 1 – 3 times. 3, independent activity in patients with toes, it’s best to toes upward erected, maintain 5 seconds, repeat 5 times, don’t leave the ground during a foot. Then foot big toe and the rest of the four has perked up repeat 5 times, then lift the foot, the toes erect again, relaxation times, relax little legs, feet jitter. Note: in order to avoid flat feet affects the later work and life, patients had better to go to a hospital for professional treatment as soon as possible, and to strengthen the health of the foot. If patients can adhere to for a foot massage, to alleviate the uncomfortable symptom of flat feet to bring a lot of help!