28 YEARS of prefabricated and custom Orthopedic Insoles experience


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American Board for Certification in Orthotics, Prosthetics and Pedorthics declared to be Certified Pedorthist, providing reliable professional services and Orhotics.


28 YEARS of prefabricated and custom made Orthotic Insole experience.

Advanced Technology

— Custom made Orthotic
Gather full information by advanced gait analysis, scanning system and prescription → Fullfill 3D design → CNC milling
— Prefabric Orthotic
Fullfill drawing by powerful and precise Software → wood mold carving → Mold making → Production


Qualification Certificate of Foot Health Care; Invention Patent and BSCI CE etc.


We meet your professional expect in Pedorthics and act practically and enconomically,expecially our Quality claim is 0 in the last 4 years;

Your requests will be fulfilled accurately and on time by the professional team.

The full range of the resources and complete industrial chain owen by our own from the raw materials till final products.


Ideastep insole manufacturer is an high trained team entitled the 1st and solely Certified Pedorthist Team in China to provide the best conditiones to make your ideas come to the truth for the market.

We produce Pre-fab & Custom-made orthopedic insoles, together with EVA Blocks for CAD/CAM Milling created since the year 1989.

Working closely with Pedorthist and Podiatrist to set our custom shoe insoles products to be new standards as always.

Quality is our insole manufacturer Mission.



Ideastep insole manufacturer produce Pre-fab and Custom orthopedic insoles, together with Insole Material, such as EVA Blocks for CAD/CAM Milling, created since the year 1992.

     We would like to provide the best conditiones for Industry to fulfill your good ideas and make them ready for the market.

shoe insole

shoe insole

orthotic insole

orthotic insole

heel cup

heel cup

semi rigid orthotics

semi rigid orthotics

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Orthopedic Insoles Design and Production

Whether you are looking for a new Orthotic supplier or to start your own Orthotic brand, we are your one-stop-shop solution from design and CNC Milling to in-house production, quality control and final packing.

We are currently serving many leading international and micro brands and offer the same specialized services to clients big or small. Simply send us your ideas and we will help you transform them into reality with no hassle.


Find knowledge about orthopedic insoles and custom shoe insoles via Ideastep insole manufacturer.

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