Import functional dynamic Dennis brown orthopedic shoes horseshoe varus foot fixed pan sethi therapy

ROKAB functional dynamic Dennis brown orthopedic shoes feature is:

corrective forefoot adduction due to a variety of causes, internal and external rotation deformity, adductor muscle spasm deformities. Such as: congenital horseshoe varus foot, foot inside and outside the spiral caused cerebral palsy, scissors, step, etc. A correction for correction and lie in bed at night. This product is equipped with the latest international multi-function orthodontic bracket, the dynamic bipedal fixed orthodontic, changed the traditional fixed enforcement Danny shoes, comfort level significantly increased, the effect is stable and can change automatically, safe and reliable.

correct design:

this product according to the actual circumstances of the patients, and tailored to rectify the different types of shoes, and assembly on the imported multifunctional bracket. Bracket can adjust the width and rotation Angle, can according to need to adjust the foot width between the internal and external rotation Angle and foot. Imported multifunctional bracket in the coronal can free activities, and have the function of control strephenopodia elastic design, can achieve dynamic correction control.

this product in good correction control at the same time, allow free activities within a certain scope, with dynamic correction function, greatly improving the quality of sleep, daily activities, convenient and easy to crawl, not easily off shoes. Don’t walk the baby can be worn day and night, is often used to wear at night to be able to walk.

custom orthopedic shoes accessories manufactured natural leather, environmental protection. According to the actual circumstances of the patients with personalized correction scheme design, more in line with the specific conditions of patients, and correction function, reliable and fixed effect is good.


product name foot supporting holder AD approval number on Beijing machinery widely Article) Registration certificate no. 2019081421 numbered 20160014 Beijing toward the machinery for registrant name ( Beijing) Technology co. , LTD. Registered residence in Beijing chaoyang district tianchen east road 11 national swimming center south 3 – 1, 3 – south 2 model specifications: ROKAB – DB、ROKAB- QY、ROKAB- AS、ROKAB- JH ROKAB – DH, ROKAB – CH1、ROKAB- CH2、ROKAB- 鞋垫; Specification: S/M/L scope for fractures fixed clamping bone fixed or support.