In orthopedic insoles have effect? Scope of application

The foot of 26 bones and two pieces of sesamoid bone, 57 joints, of more than 100 muscles and ligaments. 1 ╱ 4, of the total number of the whole body bone size proportion accounted for 7% of the body’s foot support weight to complete complex walk run to beat. Foot the lack of power, can lead to foot above joint mechanical imbalance, the body will enable the compensatory mechanism, the result is the most direct performance: the knee degenerative diseases, pelvic spin move, scoliosis and cervical shoulder radioactivity abnormal pain, ham and coxal muscle hypertrophy, plantar fasciitis, corns, etc. Foot as important parts of the human body, protect your feet had a great influence on healthy living. Science and our feet foot guard not only to cognition, understanding and prevention of common foot disease, learn to observe the self-test, and choose the right shoes. Also need to know how to make use of orthopedic insoles foot problems to solve. Foot problems compared with the feet in a healthy person, to have his shoes on the choice of relative to the discerning. Have ease of discomfort internal function of shoes, and only beautiful and fashion but the inherent lack of quality shoes, compared to the former will be the first choice of the foot disease patients more. Due to the narrow scope of comfortable shoes, orthopedic insoles became the feet, to solve the problem of different and in general the contradiction between the shoes need medium. Orthopedic insoles, in other words, to become the shoes you have higher function requirement provided by added. It can reduce a lot of foot problems. For different foot problems, has a different mechanism of action, such as by changing the Angle of the foot touches the ground, and the change of the negative focus, can make the person feel when stand, walk, run and jump more comfortable; Through the role of arch support, can alleviate foot fatigue and pain & hellip; … It can be used are: the scope of arch department exception: flat feet, high arch foot abnormality: varus and valgus, pronation and supination foot pain, heel, foot, lateral, long range front feet double lower limbs, pelvic tilt, rotation, abnormal gait: cerebral palsy, spinal cord injury and other orthopedic shoe ordered the technical team in the center of the refined, has a group of medicine, orthopedic, biomedical engineering background, bachelor’s, master’s, doctorate, postdoctoral talent. Focus on scientific research in the field of research and the university of Toronto, Beijing university of aeronautics and astronautics, capital medical university, clinical hospitals at all levels have a wide range of scientific research cooperation, the ankle biomechanics, children’s foot disease, diabetic foot, intelligent orthopaedic footwear, and other fields have in-depth research, to participate in a number of state-level scientific research projects, and international SCI articles published nearly ten. Research and development equipment and products of the highest won the second prize in the international, and has a number of invention patents, clinical orthopaedic centre to undertake a number of colleges and universities undergraduate, master’s and doctoral research topic, strive to be the feet for basic research and clinical research field keep synchronous with the developed countries.