In trials of prevention and cure

‘every journey begins with one step’, the important of people, is self-evident; How to keep the foot health and a good walking posture, now has become a topic of people widely concern, especially for children and adolescents in a critical period of body and mind development, his family walking posture, particularly close to. Among them, the child within the transition gait is one of the universal attention.

about the causes of the formation of transition gait, mostly from life habits, such as premature toddlers and stand, premature wear leather shoes or young children wearing inappropriate to the size of the shoes, long-term wear slippers, etc. Also have research suggests genetic, premature birth, overweight, sleeping position, sitting or walking posture, especially young children sitting playing and a nap ‘W’ type, the most easily cause in trials. In trials on the surface is a deformity of the foot, but in fact involves various joints of lower limbs. Within the study thinks of eight gait may be screw within the femoral and tibial rotation, forefoot adduction of a factor or by a combination of these factors. In trials, then, what is the effect?

it is well known that the trials start to not only walk also not correct, and the gait is not stable, easy to wrestling when walking fast or running. In addition, the trials and the following effects:

( 1) When have the trials, the body can’t go forward along a straight line trajectory, can affect the running speed, in addition, the trials can also affect the jump when jumping ability and cause the muscle and bone damage, etc.

( 2) Due to lower limb muscles in the long-term excessive spin state, may also have a knee or hip pain, finally may lead to knee arthritis or hip arthritis, serious child within eight gait treatments if not checked, also could develop into an ‘X’ type legs or ‘O’ type.

so, how to prevent children form the trials?

first, young children when toddlers, parents give their children wear cloth shoes or rubber shoes, best and don’t give them prematurely wear hard leather shoes, especially not appropriate to the size of the shoes.

second, don’t give their children through the big shoes. Some parents think children in the period of growth and development, can not buy the right shoes soon wear, therefore, tend to buy a pair of shoes number is too large. Actually, want to buy a big one yard shoes. Shoes once crowded, should change in time, can’t continue to make do with wearing. In addition, don’t let the children learn early to walk, long-term wear slippers, timely supply children sufficient food containing rich in protein, calcium and vitamin D, sunshine, so that to prevent children in trials also play an important role. In addition, also should avoid bad habits, such as: a nap, ‘W’ type sitting position, etc.

if the child has been formed in the trials, severe cases can be used orthoses for auxiliary correction ( For rotary brace in the tibia) , it is light person should make the following corrective exercise: as soon as possible

( 1) Walking for failing to own child, parents can place your hands in the back of my children and axillary, make the child walk along a wide straight. To pay attention to the direction of the knee when walking forward all the time.

( 2) For a child can walk, can make the floor every day along a tape or a straight line, pay attention to tiptoe toward the front, adhere to the 10 minutes per day; But also through practice squat action to help correct in trials, such as when doing squat notice tiptoe toward the front or show eight feet posture.

the end it should be pointed out that, in the child’s trials after corrected, sometimes ‘relapse’, parents should also pay attention to the observation, at any time to correct.