Introduction to the definition of flat feet and corrective plan

Flatfoot is a kind of abnormal foot deformity, arch disappear or lighter, not only the feet look ugly, sometimes with sufficient evaginate. Sufficient evaginate is a severe form of flat feet, its main performance for heel tube shaft deflection, navicular collapse. Will not only lead to walk within eight, also can cause knock knees ( X leg) 。 Patients with flat feet long walk easily lead to ankle joint, knee joint early pathological changes, the formation of osteoarthritis. If not treated, for a long time may cause a strain on the plantar fascia, fasciitis, bone spurs, etc. , more severe cases can lead to more knee or ankle pain. Like the arch foot bones together each other, such as foot bones or muscle and ligament damage, will lead to arch instability or collapse to form flat feet. Flat feet around the orthopedic shoes upper with FO orthoses, can guarantee the built-in arch orthopedic insoles do not shift and moving, the special heel cup design, have the function of the calcaneal clamping, can make children with bone in a neutral position, to prevent and correct the heel skewed. Shoes head adopt baffle design, to correct the forefoot of internal and external phenomena, sole with Thomas heel, have the function of the transverse arch pallet and prevent valgus, effective prevention and control of flat feet. FO orthopedic shoes is the molding technology of direct application in Canada, advance has been a large number of clinical test and statistical analysis. ( Rokab) Refining technology team, has a group of medicine, orthopedic, biomedical engineering background, bachelor, master, doctor, postdoctoral personnel. Focus on scientific research in the field of research and the university of Toronto, Beijing university of aeronautics and astronautics, capital medical university, clinical hospitals at all levels have a wide range of scientific research cooperation, the ankle biomechanics, children’s foot disease, diabetic foot, intelligent orthopaedic footwear, and other fields have in-depth research, to participate in a number of state-level scientific research projects, and international SCI articles published nearly ten. Research and development equipment and products of the highest won the second prize in the international, and has a number of invention patents, clinical orthopaedic centre to undertake a number of colleges and universities undergraduate, master’s and doctoral research topic, strive to be the feet for basic research and clinical research field keep synchronous with the developed countries.