Keep in mind the four flat feet training method, away from the flat feet

flat feet is a more common but also very complex phenomenon, due to the arch collapse, generally do not conducive to running, but can through effective training right foot muscles, compensatory arch collapse, as well as increase the elasticity of the arch, this both for flat feet running friend, or normal running friend arch is very necessary.

flat feet detection method

1. Shape measurement method: measure the foot long ( L) ( With points to tiptoe between maximum linear distance) And measuring the foot back high H ( Tibia under point to the offset of the ground) 。 On the basis of M. O good Fried index calculation of arch index F = ( H / L) × 100. Evaluation: normal, F value is 27 – – 29. Mild flat feet, F value is 25 – 27. Heavy flat feet, F value is less than 25. C2. Imprinting method: the body center of gravity balance, barefoot stick-slip powder ( Or water) Leave footprints, stepping on the chalkboard, draw A tangent along the inside of the big toe to heel inside edge, the concave of the footprints and make A vertical tangent, its extension cord crosscutting footprints, quantity of A foot in A width and crosscutting footprints B width. Evaluation: normal foot A: B = 1:2: mild flat feet A: B = 1:1: heavy flat feet A: B = 1:

2. In addition to marking method measurement, this method used for athletes selecting and laboratory data preservation.

how to make flat feet rehabilitation training?

rehabilitation training goal is to reduce flatfoot symptoms, correct foot deformity, restore the patient’s ability to walk normally. Rehabilitation training on patients with symptoms lighter, if the situation is more serious patients, medical treatment immediately.

1, tiptoe training. Patients with heel on ground, feet varus and valgus, foot dorsiflexion, foot muscles can exercise, activities of foot bones and muscles, guarantee foot every function is normal, and helps to arch elastic recovery.

2, stretched toe practice. Patients with heel off the ground, bending, foot flexor shaped, tighten the toe. Toe tense practice can effectively restore the foot muscle function, awaken the muscle cells of consciousness, patients with flat feet to walk and stand are of great help.

3, ball rolling practice. In patients with a foot placed a spherical object, such as tennis, table tennis, etc. Through gentle walking ball, massage foot with sphere, promote the foot blood circulation, help to flat feet recovery.

4, long distance to walk. Walking on the beach or the cobblestone roads slow, help patients to find the normal feeling of walking, correcting the lame walking posture, restore patients’ ability to walk.

how to treat flat feet?

want to succeed, flat feet, rehabilitation training alone is not enough. If patients with flat feet disease not moderate, treatment should be used to correct flat feet.

1, the orthopedic shoes. Let patients wear professional orthopedic shoes, or in patients with shoes to add cushion, patients can reduce foot pressure, correct foot deformity.

2, surgery. Through the minimally invasive surgery, or surgery, bone resection, the lesion site redesign foot structure, make the foot structure back to normal.

flat feet are difficult to prevent, patients should be detected early and treated, in order to avoid delay the disease, cause irreversible consequences.