Knee pain waist pain, may be behind it – — Flat feet

knee pain waist pain, may be behind it – – Flat feet

what is a flat feet

in our mother tongue is the duck’s foot, ankle surgery at the association’s standard, we human foot type is mainly divided into normal, high arches, and flat feet. We are 80% of people have varying degrees of flat phenomenon, some born there, and some of them are adult appeared slowly. Flat feet actually there is no strict definition, from the perspective of functional anatomy to understand: refers to the full longitudinal arch collapse or disappear.

what is arch

popular speak some bridge under the soles of the feet, our sole has three arches, respectively called the medial longitudinal arch, the lateral longitudinal arch and transverse arch. What are the advantages of arch? With arch, the first is our ability to load increases, the foot from the ape in the period of flat piece into a flexible structure, to spread the pressure in the process of walking, running. Like zhaozhou bridge in one thousand, is because of its arched structure can diversify its pressure; Second, within the arch space can be used to accommodate blood vessels, nerves, muscles and tendons, effective protection for them, allows the foot to get sufficient blood supply and nutrition, tolerance needs a long walk. Now know why soldiers don’t have flat feet?

let’s intuitive see, flat feet look like?

flat feet of adult and children are divided into two types, soft and rigid, soft type flat feet of non-weight bearing, arches appear when the load-bearing arch collapse or disappear; Type rigid flat feet refers to the load condition of the existence of arch collapse or disappear, this is congenital more, also known as structured flat feet, some of these cases need to be treated, this is in line with the children’s flat feet.

the cause of flat feet

form some of the reasons for flat feet, except congenital factors, scaphoid subsidence is one of the main reasons for flat feet. Obesity in real life, too much wear sneakers, lack of physical exercise, wear high-heeled shoes and other reasons can lead to all the year round flat feet.

flat feet what harm

when we stand in our foot is our base of the whole body, just like the foundation of the building, if the foundation of structural problems, is bound to affect the whole structure of the building. We human are the most sophisticated structure, the world’s most complex from born to twilight arthritic, step by step in a series of changes. When the foundation of the structure of power line offset, the above all joints will make a different degree of compensation, in order to maintain the balance of the whole body, but, this kind of compensation is physiology sex, in the long run, make compensatory joint will appear different degree of wear and tear, cause pain. British Reuters health, according to a study reported in early than older people with flat feet arches healthy people are more likely to develop chronic knee pain. American Massachusetts Boston university school of medicine, clinical researcher and assistant professor of physical therapy of hospital of longitudinal GROSS and his colleagues in the tested 1047 flat feet, found that 30% of flat feet caused the status of the knee pain. Participants rather than flat feet, knee pain percentage is 21%, with other factors, such as age and weight, compared to 31% higher than that of the probability of flat feet cause chronic knee pain.

not only that, clinically, in addition to the knee pain, flat feet in still can cause many symptoms, such as plantar fasciitis, hallux valgus, heel spur, ankle osteoarthritis, O leg, X leg and hip joint synovitis, acetabulum impingement, lumbar disc, cervical spondylosis, and even size face and gums dysplasia.

let’s take a look at a simple analyse, flat feet is how to lead to a series of upward influence, children in this picture, the two are flat feet, and the degree of side arch collapse, as each arch collapse once the tibia namely calf will spin once, in the plane, will see the calf belly bulge outward, visual leg coarsens, girls will be more concerned about the problem, then, if the knee joint is stable, thigh will follow the calf in together, when you arrive at hip level, within the femoral head spin will lead to the pelvis forward, up, cause lumbar hyperextension, intervertebral disc pressure increases, the longer it will cause lumbar, back up again, as a result of the double parapodum bow collapse degree of inconsistency, cause when standing, two legs is not as long, leading to pelvic tilt and rotate, cause scoliosis.

so many clinical chronic pain, and treat bad, because for the treatment of pain is not necessarily for treatment, just like the police catch the bad guys, out of the bad people do bad things may not is behind the attacks.