Know about the treatment of orthopedic insoles object

1, children’s corrective insoles useful? Corrective insoles after years of clinical tests, aimed at inside outside of eight, eight, flat feet, foot evaginate, high arches, hallux valgus, heel pain, plantar fasciitis, knee pain, waist pain, scoliosis patients wait for a variety of foot ridge has achieved fruitful results, help many patients to regain confidence. Foot corrective insoles designed by the principle of mechanics of arch at 3 o ‘clock, the outside parapodum parapodum within cross bow, bow, bow to three-point loading balance, so that the stress of the error of improvement. 2, correct insoles specifications: soft, suitable for 45 ~ 65 kg of body weight or diabetes patients. Hard, suitable for patients with more than 75 kg weight. Adjustments must be more joint sports/special type, suitable for use with sneakers. The ICB orthopedic insoles, the ICB orthopedic insoles ( 6) Childhood; Children use. High heels, is suitable for the high heels. 3, the treatment of orthopedic insoles object: orthopedic insoles for thumb hallux valgus and foot lesions, foot pain, foot ball pain, foot were loss of elasticity, tibial tubercle epiphyseal inflammation, Achilles tendinitis abusers, medial knee pain, varus sprained, children’s heel pain. Bone-like inflammation/calcaneal bone-like inflammation, splints, seed osteitis, lateral pain and forefoot valgus, restrict great toe, foot ulcers and deformity, back pain, and the range of lower limbs, the elderly, he Achilles tendon pain and lower front foot pain. To flat feet at the same time, high arches, double foot inside and outside, diabetic foot can also be rectified. Correct shoes custom-made center located in Beijing landmarks in the water cube, with the advanced whole foot 3 d scanning equipment, gait analysis, the individuality of the plantar pressure test system, the international leading orthopedic shoes, the design of orthopedic insoles and processing software, with CNC machining center and many sets of series of 3 d printing equipment, to provide patients with professional inspection, testing, design, product production, such as a series of follow-up services, and international synchronized. Is a registered medical equipment production and sales enterprises, through the GMP certification of medical equipment, medical equipment production and sales, products with medical device registration certificate, for the majority of patients and medical institutions at all levels to provide qualified products and services.