Learn to understand what is flat feet

Flat feet is very common in our life, a lot of people for foot is easy to appear some problems don’t have the timely completes the prevention work, it will easily cause the emergence of flat feet, flat feet is one of the very common in the foot foot, its form is also have a lot of reasons, such as genetic factor, the foot bone of congenital malformation, let’s to get to know to understand what is flat feet! Flat feet in the foot foot is one of the very common, for what is a flat feet to believe some people are not very understanding, flat feet with congenital and acquired, to the foot of the prevention work is also very important, especially in infants and young children period of prevention. 1. Genetic factors: study found that if parents have flat feet, the children fell ill of risk will be higher than the other children. Genetic factors play an important role in the onset of flat feet, for the more commonly genetic inheritance. 2. Congenital foot bone deformities, such as position and navicular bone, an abnormal metatarsus and heel bone, etc. , the foot will affect the normal structure. Total bow foot inside the heel bone, navicular, talus, and inside of the 1 ~ 3 metatarsal, has good elasticity, suitable for jumping and buffer shock; Full lateral arch by calcaneal, dice and 4, and 5 metatarsal bone, mainly related to erect weight maintenance of posture. Due to congenital foot bone deformities, can lead to a full side arch structure is not normal, full side arch collapse or elastic disappear, and cause flat feet. 3. Foot injury or chronic strain: the foot injury can cause foot bone fracture, destroyed the foot normal structure, lead to foot side bow is abnormal, which in turn induce flat feet; Foot long load is overweight, or work in the stand for a long time, all can cause a chronic foot soft tissue and joint strain, may induce flat feet. 4. Foot muscles exception: if the tibialis anterior muscle, fibula check point anomalies, foot, lateralis soft, etc. These factors resulted in the foot in weight, muscle, ligament stress imbalance, will induce flat feet long. Flat or flat feet, commonly known as padfoot, that arch is low, or no foot, severe cases can affect the walk because of the pain. Flat feet from the general adolescent onset, clinically, including teenagers, adults get hone or flexible and rigid several types. Flat feet in the initial is soft hone, which means the foot without walking appearance is normal, so many people did not know he was flat, but once stood up and put the feet on the ground and the arch or arch disappeared, when this kind of situation can be no obvious symptoms, or feet and legs tired easily, especially long walk is different with normal person, of course, there are better than pain, so much so that cannot take part in physical activities, feet swollen feet, but still can alleviate after the break. As the above situation failed to orthodontic treatment, in years or as an adult is prone to qualitative change, to form a rigid flat feet. At this time there will be a pain worse, the appearance of foot fixed, even a significant disability, seriously affect the normal walking, affect normal life. Feet like tall buildings foundation, foundation instability subsidence, the building must have been dangerous, likewise, serious foot disease can cause leg pain, innominate bone pain, lumbar cervical pain, even causes the chest abdominal visceral problem, so you can’t ignore the foot disease, especially serious accompany lifetime disorders like flat feet. Flat feet treatment according to the stages of follow-up observations, orthopedic shoe or orthopedic insoles, a plaster cast, surgical treatment and other several ways. With more than teenagers flat feet with the method of observation follow-up, because children arch of the foot to fully mature at the age of 7 ~ 10. USES the international first-class testing equipment, technology and production line, the earlier to the foot of the 3 d scan and foot pressure analysis, gait analysis, 3 d printing last, 3 d printing insoles, shoes design personalized correction software, and a series of world advanced foot orthodontic treatment technology is introduced into China, the product production equipment and technology and the first-class level of synchronization, North America and Europe in the past decade has become a domestic foot correction field vane, for the majority of patients to provide the world-class products and services.