Look at the baby sufficient evaginate to do

Everyone wants to own the baby can healthy come to this world, but often not wish is always going to have some problems, baby sufficient evaginate is more common in life a kind of abnormal symptoms, if not timely treatment, may affect the baby’s future development, also may let the baby walking posture abnormal, sometimes this can seriously affect the baby’s physical and mental health, but if a sufficient evaginate timely treatment and adjust, can get very good recovery, the following correct shoelace sufficient evaginate to do everybody know about the baby? Sufficient evaginate and eversion back stretch enough, is refers to the children’s heel axial deflection, is one of the common foot deformity. Sufficient evaginate brought about because of a foot tendons dysplasia deformity, with flat feet and navicular collapse at the same time, the middle point of the calf, Achilles’ tendon and calcaneal at attachment type. In addition, sufficient evaginate will trigger the ankle outer deformation.

baby sufficient evaginate to do? 1, lower leg triceps and rope muscle muscle tone. 2, squat training, squat knee flexion 9 degrees, the knee should be 140 – while standing 160, avoid knee hyperextension. 3, prone position training leg flexion and extension, improve Yan rope muscle tension, increase the knee stability of single and double leg knelt made a training to improve the knee joint control. 4, crawling, knee QuQuWei and helpful to the correct genu zhong, at the same time increase the knee joint control, coordination of motor skills, is knee joint flexion and extension dorsiflexion of training, improve the extensor muscle strength, muscle coordination antagonism ability. 5, leg triceps drafting and strength training, let the children with front feet on the stairs, heel put underground, training children to lay down their heel and lift heel before, for the swing phase of strength training are needed most. 6, bypass training, enhance the extensor muscle strength, promote hip flex, correct body proneness. 7, up and down the steps and training, to correct knee against a pace and coordination have larger role keep knees peg-leg. 8, weight training, to improve the knee stability, increase the proprioception twice a day.