Neonatal length of the legs should be?

Have the parents direct messages I said a while ago, suddenly found that their baby is the length of the legs, very afraid. Baby why leg length? Effect will give later, whether can cause other diseases? In fact, many babies will appear the phenomenon of length of the legs, so baby leg length is what reason?

length of the leg is a rather long legs, one leg is shorter. Baby leg length may be mostly nerve damage resulting in a baby’s muscle tone incongruously, suffering from infections disease and so on. But there are a lot of pressure is usually ignore feet, legs caused by long length of the legs. Leg length is easy to cause pelvic height and spinal scoliosis is recognized the fact that there are many factors (although spinal scoliosis Primary, or nerve, spinal joint degeneration, etc. ) These are all important factors leads to the formation of a length of the legs. In general, shortly after the baby is born, a pediatrician will inspect the development situation of baby’s hip. Doctors usually holding the baby’s knee flexion upward outreach baby again after femur, and rotate in the pelvis fossa of femur head. If the femur head position right, the doctor will think hip fossa of well developed. If you hear a click is depressing voice when rotation of the hip, on behalf of the femur head out of the hip joint fossa of explain hip socket is before, there may be a hip dysplasia. After a month or more will need to review. Review of X-ray or ultrasound examination can be done, so we can clearly see the shape of the hip socket. Including ultrasound can accurately measure the baby femur head and acetabulum accurate distance, for the first few months of a baby born is better inspection methods, only have normal ultrasound tip hip development, to the end of the treatment. The incidence of hip dysplasia is not high, but if found, not in time for the future life will produce great influence, its common long-term complications are joint pain and not maturity, such as arthritis. So parents found that length of the baby in the leg, must immediately took the baby to see a doctor, you need to do a detailed physical examination, look at the body because what reason appears the length of the legs. Finally children correct shoes to remind parents, baby leg length is impossible to disappear automatically, need through the right way to treat, the arrangement of the need to listen to the doctor, you also need to parents together. If in the toddler period, can wear corrective to correct shoes.