New grey foam tiles factory for Shoemaker


Product Comparison
insole material is in line with the stringent quality standards. The price is more favorable than other products in the industry and the cost performance is relatively high.Compared with other products in the industry, insole material has more obvious advantages which are reflected in the following aspects.
  • New grey foam tiles factory for Shoemaker

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    New grey foam tiles factory for Shoemaker

Enterprise Strength
  • It is still a long way to go for Ideastep Insoles to develop. Our own brand image is related to whether we are capable of providing customers with quality services. Thus, we proactively integrate advanced service concept in the industry and our own advantages, so as to provide diverse services covering from pre-sales to sales and after-sales. In this way can we meet consumers’ different needs.
Company Advantages
1. Materials research is essential for the successful Ideastep design. Its materials will be investigated in terms of breathability, thermal rating, water rating, slip and impact resistance.
2. This product is not likely to accumulate bacteria or mold. During the post-production stage, a kind of agent which is anti-mold and anti-bacterial is padded in it.
3. This product is much more efficient than humans. Its high efficiency directly contributes to enhanced production efficiency. This will reduce expenses.
4. This product is an important marketing tool. It can help companies that use it to attract new customers and retain existing ones.


New grey foam tiles factory for Shoemaker
New grey foam tiles factory for Shoemaker

We mainly customize insoles and EVA sheets. We have leading technology and advanced production equipment, focus on the insole field for more than 20 years, and have the American Medical Council Certification Committee "C.Ped. #4290


Type Insole material
Place of Origin XIAMEN, Fujian, China
Model No. KE2CR
Material EVA
Size 35.9cm * 11.9cm" * 0.3cm
Color Blue
Package As per requirement
MOQ 1000 Pairs
Feature Good elasticity and recovery capability


New grey foam tiles factory for Shoemaker

Made from light cellular rubber for soft and elastic with excellent thermoplastic characteristics
New grey foam tiles factory for Shoemaker

Low compression for excellent recovery capability
New grey foam tiles factory for Shoemaker

Good tear strength
New grey foam tiles factory for Shoemaker

Hygienic closed cell structure


New grey foam tiles factory for Shoemaker

No Break down guaranted for durable
New grey foam tiles factory for Shoemaker

Firm box for safety in transporation

New grey foam tiles factory for Shoemaker

Quality Management standard
New grey foam tiles factory for Shoemaker

Refuse recycled materials


New grey foam tiles factory for Shoemaker

soft and resilient, possesses outstanding thermoplastic characteristics for such a soft material


Very soft and resilient, yet still keeps its shape

Showing special softness and permanent elasticity as well as resilience.

Improves the total contact of the orthosis, compressing in areas of higher pressure and stays full in areas of low pressure

Various Color schemes

/  FAQ

Q1: What’s the thermoplastic properties of this eva rubber foam?

A1: This eva rubber sheet can be drawn easily to be placed over the custom insole base and subsequently heat molded.


Q2: It’s mainly used in which parts of the Orthotic insoles?

A2: It’s used for orthopaedic applications that require combined bedding and cushioning properties for greater loading structure,such as toe elements,heel or forefoot cushioning, Insole top cover etc.

Company Features
1. After years of efforts, Ideastep is known as a professional grey foam tiles manufacturer.
2. We are fortunate to have attracted so many qualified employees. They regularly participate in training to update their skills and ensure they are effectively and accurately executed within our designated quality assurance program.
3. Our mission is always to create sponge flooring tiles for customers. Get price! The tenet of Ideastep is the key to our continuous development and growth. Get price!


Ideastep grey foam tiles undergoes rigorous quality analysis once it is produced. It will be checked in a comprehensive way in terms of its fiber quality, water repellency, snagging resistance, moisture permeability, etc. The anti-slip outsole provides stable support during outdoor activities


Ideastep grey foam tiles meets the regulatory requirements of the textile market. The textile fibers, dyestuff, and different kinds of agents used in it are guaranteed to meet the standards. The high-quality fabrics provide a quick-drying performance for the product so as to make feet stay cool throughout the day


The production stages of Ideastep grey foam tiles are finely conducted. The stages include the preparation of yarn, ginning, opening, cleaning, mixing, scutching, and carding. The bottom of the product has a peel strength


During the production of Ideastep grey foam tiles, different optimized processing techniques such as electrostatic spinning, air vortex spinning, or jet spinning are adopted. The product is characterized by strong toughness


The production of Ideastep grey foam tiles is controlled by a team of professionals who have abundant experience in the combination and formula of different fabrics and dye agents.


The product is guaranteed to be equipped with stable and reliable performance. Friction resistance is one of the most distinguishing features of the product

Made from light cellular rubber for soft and elastic with excellent thermoplastic characteristicsLow compression for excellent recovery capabilityGood tear strengthHygienic closed cell structure

Product Message

New grey foam tiles factory for Shoemaker

28 YEARS of prefabricated and custom made Orthotic Insole experience

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