Orthopedic Shoes



Orthopedic Shoes
Orthopedic Shoes

We mainly customize insoles and EVA sheets. We have leading technology and advanced production equipment, focus on the insole field for more than 20 years, and have the American Medical Council Certification Committee "C.Ped. #4290


Model: K 9057#

US size: 35#-36#

Orthopedic Shoes   


The breathable mesh upper conforms to bony abnormalities.   

The soft padded seam-free lining eliminates pressure points and abrasion protects sensitive feet superiorly.  

The Big-toe box protects the toes and toe movement, offers extra room for wide feet.  

The hidden extra depth provides plenty of space for custom orthotics.  

The fit of the entire forefoot can be adjusted by the tightness of the shoelace  

Adapt to various foot conditions from edema to foot deformities, and keep feet healthy.  

Padded Tongues 


Orthopedic Shoes

Our products are corrective insoles, medical orthopedic equipment, and adequate disease in the big health industry. We divide our products into seven categories: orthopedic insoles; sports insoles; insole for diabetic foot; thermoplastic orthopedic insoles; daily Insole used; women's insoles; children's insoles and more.

Widely used in a variety of sports, leisure and ankle correction.


Support Longitudinal arch, Forefoot and Hell to prevent fatigue and offload pressure at these three neuralgic points.

Semi-rigid arch support good for low to nature arch types, expecially for splayfoot correction.

Accommodate and gentle correct foot construction to maintain or restore anatomical position.

/  FAQ

Q1: How this orthotic insole to correct my splayfoot?

A1: Splayfoot mostly caused by over-pronation,this orthotic provide  semi-rigid arch support and cushioning heel support,which help to correct splayfoot naturally.


Q2: This thin insole seems fit my dress shoes,isn’t it?

A2: Perfect, this slim profile designed insole quite available to fit in tight-fitting dress shoes.




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