Parents should pay attention to the harm of children leg length

parents should pay attention to the harm of pediatric leg length

the length of the leg can not only influence the gait and beautiful so simple, it also and waist and leg pains, cervical spondylosis, scoliosis and spinal diseases are closely linked. Under the correct length of the legs, here small make up to introduce the harm of pediatric leg length

produce the cause of the length of the leg

1, the length of the structural legs

concept: refers to the actual length of the lower limb bone changes in leg length, pictured above on both sides of the femur length is 1, the range on both sides of the pelvis, a leg length

sources: genetic and pathological factors, or related to teenager children suffered trauma ( Fracture, hurt, etc. )

detection: usually the most direct way is according to the X-ray, bone structure with and without any change, or can also directly from the body surface osseous marks judgment ( This requires experience)

2, length of functional leg

concept: functional length the length of the leg is because the joint registration is not straight legs, wait like sacroiliac joint malposition, unilateral flat feet, left side legs look from the vision short 1, pelvic range on both sides of the high and low, such length of the leg is not structural problems, is completely can be corrected through training of

sources: bad habits; Trauma causes muscle contracture imbalance; The body in pain causes the barycenter offset; Action pattern disturbances; And even the binocular vision differ too much; Cause the cause of many functional length of leg, each person may have differences, often also can cause a series of other compensatory, so in the process of correction need specific evaluation

the dangers of leg length

usually, influence the pelvis first, and then the lumbar spine, and then influence the thoracic vertebra, finally to the entire spine, gradually, all becomes asymmetric, and coherent spine disease. In clinical cure, found that about 6 into intractable neck, waist and leg length, when the plantar pressure test for patients, found that these patients with double foot structure of high and low. Lv Feng said, a man’s foot is like the foundation of the house, the foundation, house structure distortion, feet don’t 1 sample is high, people easy to go wrong.

in addition to the neck, lumbar disease, length of the legs are closely connected and scoliosis. The scoliosis has many factors, such as idiopathic scoliosis, neurogenic scoliosis and spinal joint degeneration, but clinically for a foot pressure testing in patients with scoliosis, found a lot of double foot high and low, that is to say, the length of the legs may also cause scoliosis.

how to exercise treatment of leg length

the length of the leg is the day after tomorrow can be improved through sports, length of the leg is the human lower limb length not neat, is through exercise helps to rectify. At present is given priority to with daily habits and corrective, cooperate with reconstructive action, through the correct length of the legs, the skew of the pelvic cavity recovery level, pelvic level spine nature as correct.

a, supine,

find a soft hard moderate about 3 ~ 5 cm thick cushion, cushion under your long legs on the other side of the hip. Lie on your back with his hands holding knee to knee, heel, foot great toe, double toe knees feet don’t separate, such as knee can’t together, usable cotton with upper knee and foot upper bound together, in short legs hip cushion cushions to 5 cm, with bent elbow push pull his knees to the chest, looked up at the same time, chin looking for knee. Relax under repeat 50, 3 times a day.

2, lumbar adjustment

after tie up your leg, hips, below the waist cushion cushion 8 cm. May help restore physiological curvature of the lumbar spine, but began to don’t be too long, in principle, the first week of pad 3 minutes at a time. After a week do you think not so sore waist can add 1 minute. Do 4 minutes after a week at a time, and then to five minutes for a week. So add 1 minutes a week, to 8 weeks about can increase to 12 minutes, then I don’t add to it. Pillow mat, pay attention to a key, the body lay, feet and walked with the chest can be used to point force, and the waist cushion pillow do not force.

3, curled knelt

the legs together, kneeling posture, leg knee move back 3 to 5 cm long, long legs buttocks sitting on the outer edge of the short legs foot, rotate lientang legs to the body, while the knees and hips kept the original position.

4, flex

side wall, stand on tiptoe around 12 CM from metope, long legs back 5 CM, the heel open 15 ゚, knee to tiptoe, hands on the wall, your forearms parallel to the ground, chest went on as far as possible, hold out a bosom boo, spine physiological bending formation, hands on the wall, the body moves up and down, just start may flex is not big, don’t force yourself, step by step. Middle-late 100 each a day early.