Parents should understand the flat feet four treatment methods

most people in this world, all grow, not to say that on the similar appearance, but most of the structure of the body. Our organs, blood vessels, body, and so on. Everyone has two eyes, a mouth, nose, limbs, etc. But there are some people, look there is no difference, but the structure is slightly different. Flatfoot is foot structure have the differences in the normal condition, because of a foot inside bow bend decrescent, result in patients with flat feet under the upright posture, the arch will decline or even disappear.

some people with flat feet will not appear serious symptoms, but for patients with more serious flat feet, the arch flattens or disappear may cause pain, discomfort, walking toes numb, and so on. And there are no symptoms of patients and don’t be fooled, along with the development of the disease, the symptoms may be found in the late. Fortunately, flat feet is not an incurable disease, most patients can pass some exercise, or surgical treatment, makes the foot back to normal.

with flat feet, there are the four correct way!

is not caused by congenital and traumatic arch deformity, flat feet, then can be recovery. Means of recovery, basically has the following four kinds:

1, physical therapy: early in the disease, patients can walk with toes this exercise again, also can do more at ordinary times bow foot movement. Use a foot outside practice walking with plantar flexion, also can use the toes when lying on hook bed bar do exercises. Note within double toe and heel is separated. Patients at the time of night, adhere to the feet with warm water, put some small pebbles, do grab practice with toes.

2, physical therapy, massage, can help strengthen the foot inside and outside muscle exercise.

3, using the right foot pad: daily can also wear flat orthopedic shoe insoles to correct, or flat feet can be felt in a longitudinal arch foot pad, such as leather or rubber support pad. If the deformity is relatively serious, can go to professional hospital, custom flat insoles, or flat feet orthopedic shoes. This helps patients in daily walk to reduce foot fatigue.

4, operation cure: if it is caused by the scaphoid deformity flat feet, can ask the doctor, the doctor’s advice to take surgery. Hypertrophy of the scaphoid nodules, deputy scaphoid or epiphyseal resection, and then the shortening of the tibial tendon after dissociation, and small piece of scaphoid to outgoing move to scaphoid plantar surface of the fixed together in the scaphoid plantar side. If as a result of calcaneal bone bridge flat feet, so patients need to cut bone bridge. According to the condition of patients, the doctor will give Suggestions.

in addition, when the age of the patients with flat feet higher than 10 years old, so attention should be paid to the indications for surgical treatment, current treatments tend to be more soft tissue and joint osseous surgery applications, the effect is better.