Patients with flat feet should be paid attention to in daily life

The phenomenon of life, a lot of people have flat feet, can not stand and walk for a long time, the treatment of some serious may also be necessary, but also pay attention to the foot care, starting from some of the details, in order to ease some of the pain and discomfort associated with a flat feet. Patients with flat feet, then, should be paid attention to in daily life? In this paper, correct shoes will be a detailed explanation! Hope to patients with flat feet to be more careful in the usual life, thus effectively avoid all factors aggravate symptoms.

steps/methods: 1, children’s feet walking ability training is very important, especially for children with congenital flatfoot. Must be appropriate to do some walking training, such as beaches and mud on the ground of the barefoot walk in practice or walk barefoot ramp, it’s good for children with ease of discomfort. 2, children’s footwear should be spacious, children with congenital flat feet, should wear special orthopedic shoes. Orthopedic shoes the inside of the limit should be raised about 1 cm, and extends from the boat joint forward, make the foot to the lateral load-bearing, LACES at the back of the matter, the heel bone stability from activity outer, upper anterior loose, toes activities within the shoes shall not be restricted. 3, persistent stand for teenagers do, when the ground has the elastic material such as rubber blanket, stand should be followed by the workers to wear shoes, the weight bearing line move forward a bit, make foot muscles and ligaments in burden at the same time maintain the tension of arch. Shoes can be placed flat insoles to support the medial longitudinal arch foot, insoles transfered make or buy the finished product with a plastic sponge pad, make quite a medial longitudinal arch upward to form an arc line up and forward to the first plantar bone behind. Note: the clinical treatment in patients with flat feet at the same time, also cannot ignore the care of daily life, because it is the key to prevent symptoms worse. Therefore, patients with flat feet walking in at ordinary times must pay attention to the ability of practice, you can choose the right shoes.