Pediatric strephenopodia what time is suitable for treatment, how correctional?

pediatric strephenopodia what is the best treatment time, exactly how correctional?

pediatric strephenopodia commonly found in children can be born, so a lot of parents will choose in children receiving treatment when I was small, also is the most appropriate time!

1, children’s foot deformity correction, actually after correction will assist some related with external fixation, if a little complicated, may need surgery cases, may need some attention observation after the operation. So parents should pay attention to.

2, early to close observation of disease, have foot deformity, once found early, to go to the hospital to take effective intervention measures, are likely to get good results, so that on the one hand, the watch is very, very important.

Taiwan Liao Shi features correct foot deformity therapy of traditional Chinese medicine unique advantages

in situ tissue regeneration, natural repair reset, it can activate, mobilize the body’s tissues regeneration ability, let the body a local organizations, their growth need to repair the broken limbs, to return to the lost function, including the bones and the adhesion of tendons, ligaments, muscles and fascia, nerve, blood vessel can quickly activate the elastic at the same time, recovery activity, synchronous growth, rapid natural restoration, a multiple-layered equipment and technical characteristics, meet many word!


more than 1 without damaging invasive disease once completed molding deformity correction.

2 deformity correction and completely is not easy to relapse.

3 ankle zombie, rigid and scale-up of ankle joint mobility, flexibility, agility, maximum restore limb function of patients.

4 blocked surgical scar contracture, pseudarthrosis formation, articular adhesion, stiff joints, long-term pain. ’ Osteonecrosis, and damage blood vessels and nerves.

5 fully comply with, not against the natural law of the biomechanics of the human body. Truly: bring patients relieve pain without pain!

corrective training:

corrective training is by repeating a particular action, of muscle around the foot, ankle, balanced to exercise the leg muscles, body will adjust to the best state. Sports can enhance the muscle elasticity, through the muscle strength, can pull arch, arch returned to normal.

and rectify the function of shoes is more, to correct the lines of force of lower limb, make lower limb power line perpendicular to the ground level, ease the pressure on joints, and promote the foot back to health. Is generally suitable for pulling movement including, toe movement, exercise child crus muscle of foot muscles; Toe movement, exercise thenar muscles, etc. Toes grabbing towels, rope skipping, playing basketball and bounce stretching is right choice. Is also a need to insist for a long time to process, need to keep on day after day.