Preterm births will cause children with cerebral palsy?

Premature delivery is likely to lead to cerebral palsy, premature birth was only one reason lead to cerebral palsy. The causes of cerebral palsy many commonly, but can’t find the reason may reach more than a third. Sometimes some cases there may be a variety of factors. Genetic infantile cerebral palsy in live birth rates to zero. 15% ~ 0. 25%, the period of the main causes of severe physical disabilities in children. A recent Swedish patients with pediatric cerebral palsy cases data analysis found that genetic factors may account for 40% of children with cerebral palsy cause. Research also suggests that women who gave birth to children with cerebral palsy patients, then the pediatric cerebral palsy children born to increased risk of recurrence, suggesting the genetic basis of associated with it, but it cannot be ruled out the role of family environmental factors or other biological factors. Identical twin children with cerebral palsy is higher than the phenomenon of double egg twins also prompt pediatric cerebral palsy have genetic underpinnings, but identical twins a placenta itself indicates increased possibility of brain damage. Preterm birth weight premature infants is extremely low, brain development is not mature, are susceptible to various factors lead to brain damage further. At the same time, the cause of premature birth risk factors such as intrauterine infection, trauma, etc. , in the late pregnancy risk factors is the leading cause of pediatric cerebral palsy. Statistics show: with the decreasing gestational age increased incidence of infantile cerebral palsy, the more the higher the incidence of low birth weight, premature infants ( Gestational age at 37 weeks) 6 of all live births. 56%, but total 35 cases of infantile cerebral palsy. 0%; In which 23 ~ 27 weeks gestation accounted for about 34 pediatric cerebral palsy in preterm neonates. Accounts for about 37 0%, 27 ~ 29 weeks. 0%, 29 ~ 31 weeks of 26. 0%, 31 accounts for about 3 ~ 36 weeks. 9%. Intrauterine infection in recent years, the study suggests that in addition to the hypoxia ischemia in the perinatal period, pregnant mother intrauterine infection is the leading cause of pediatric cerebral palsy in the perinatal period. Including pregnancy, intrauterine infection, such as amniotic cavity infection, placental inflammation and chorionic amniotic membrane inflammation, etc. Placental insufficiency at the placenta during pregnancy to maintain between placenta and fetal blood oxygen and the supply of nutrients and metabolites discharge has a vital role, the severity of the injury of the placenta and fetal brain damage degree and intrauterine growth restriction into positive correlation. Correct shoes custom-made center believe that everyone has been very clear what is the main cause of pediatric cerebral palsy, hoping to attract the attention of everyone, actively take effective preventive measures in our daily life, in case of suffering from premature infant cerebral palsy by illness. If patients with infantile cerebral palsy, must cure of as soon as possible, lest delay patients.