Prompt you: choose correct shoes to polish eyes, science is valid

Many parents when children are full of problems, can give children choose to wear shoes to correct. Little imagine, this is actually in grasping. To correct foot of shoes does not necessarily suitable for their children. Children prompts you to correct shoes custom center, give the child to wear corrective shoes, must to the formal institutions to custom, according to the actual situation of children, customize different solutions. Children correct shoes, for example, will be designed according to the principle of biomechanics, the molding technology direct application of Canada, advance has been a large number of clinical test and statistical analysis, puts orthoses inside shoes interlining, combined with shoes become one; Shoes with personalized and valgus orthopaedic orthotic insole manufacturers, orthopedic shoes has a good stability. Can keep the built-in orthopedic insoles do not shift and moving. Its special heel cup design, have the function of the calcaneal clamping, can make children heel bone in a neutral position, to prevent and correct the heel skewed. Toe outside using baffle design, to correct the forefoot partial phenomenon. has a unique design, with Thomas heel and cross bow pad, can bear arches. And orthopedic shoes look very close to normal, to maximum extent, avoid the psychological barriers and negative impact on children. At the same time the center’s staff have qualified physician qualification and orthoses teacher qualification, there are currently deputy chief physician 2, doctor 1, 2 master’s doctoral students. Director of the center for the 19 doctor is training, appointed by the Canadian headquarters chief orthopaedic expert, has clinical experience in nearly 20 years at home and abroad. Center is located in Beijing chaoyang district huating jre in the office building, with European and American standard foot detection, diagnosis, type, system equipment and technology. Doctor liu in the field of foot deformity of basic and clinical research work, has the international most advanced orthopedic theory and practical experience, especially good at all kinds of children’s ankle orthopaedic. Correct shoes is different from general children or ordinary shoes, it need to customize. Because everyone’s problem is not the same, so parents take children to the best measure of formal institutions, according to the child’s foot type and degree of targeted customization. So have flatfoot children parents can take their children to children look correct shoes custom center, science to improve the child’s foot problems.

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