Rectify how to wear shoes, don’t miss the child bone gold period!

Many parents doubt children in infancy, no arch foot is flat feet. In fact, the child after the age of 4, sufficient GongCai will gradually emerge and gradually returns to normal, show the beautiful curve. If, at that time the child arch is not obvious, and even more and flat, parents will need to buy correct shoes for children to intervene.

correct shoes for how children wear? It is known that 4 – 13 years old is the child of foot bone gold period, generally to 16 years old or so to stop development, at this stage, children foot is still in growth, foot problems, was found in the children use the correct shoes and corrective insoles adjustment children foot line to make it close to normal biological force, reduce the pull of the foot problems on muscle and soft tissue, so as to improve muscle use efficiency, and reduce the rate of strain occurs. Due to reduce the ill effects of foot problems, child foot burden decreased, thus more likely to exercise, so as to achieve the effect of exercise to strengthen muscle force. Therefore, in under the age of 14, children foot development of this period of time, the best time is a correction children wear shoes. What brand of orthopedic shoe better? In fact, dealing with different foot problems, has a corresponding solution, correct shoes design is different also. With a more professional corrective shoes custom center as an example, before to determine foot solution, will let the child to foot inspection, through a set of complete inspection process ( Including machine inspection, gait analysis, technique, etc. ) To determine what kind of corrective children should wear shoes insoles and corrected. Personalized orthopedic shoes the digital model based on foot at the same time, using professional software to orthopedic shoes and orthopedic insole design, make personalized orthopedic shoes mold and accessories, 3 d printing orthopedic insoles, suitable for all kinds of foot disease patients, for patients with better targeted, highly targeted and better correction function. Correct shoes custom center last remind you: only correct analysis children foot, choose corresponding foot solutions, combined with against should exercise, can effectively improve children foot problems, more effective corrective shoes to be customized oh ~