Scientifically function training method to let you away from the dangers of flat feet

function scientifically training methods let you stay away from the harm of flat feet

in recent years, a lack of exercise, overweight obesity is widespread in the crowd, all pay attention to ignore the function of the footwear fashion popular in the society, both adults and teenagers are increasingly common flat feet. Flat feet under the below small make up to introduce relevant knowledge and some training methods.

what is a flat feet?

what is a flat feet, as the name implies, flat feet mainly for arch collapse or disappear, at the same time with forefoot outreach and sufficient evaginate, after some serious flat feet and even at the same time with hallux valgus. Flatfoot children walk lazybones like a duck, it’s a lot of people to describe flatfoot children. Abroad, generally called DuckFoot, we often say that flat foot flat foot. Some youngsters flat feet because at the same time with the Achilles tendon contracture, occurs outside of eight walking gait. The study found that within 2 years old infant is 100% incidence of flat feet, 3 – 4 years old began to appear gradually arches, until the early stage of the youth development arch development tend to be more complete, the study also found that flat feet has obvious genetic predisposition.

how should we prevent it?

medication. Deal primarily with flat feet pain in patients with severe inflammation, accompanied by, under the guidance of medication treatment, commonly used ibuprofen and other non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (nsaids), has good analgesic anti-inflammatory effect.

to reduce weight. Overweight and obese people arches the pressure is more big, also are more likely to collapse, cause pain aggravating illness. Patients with flat feet should reduce weight, reduce the pressure of arch.

corrective orthotic insole manufacturers. Use correct insoles, foot arch support, make lower limbs and biomechanics of the foot to get good arrangement, improving function limit, to prevent further development flat feet, relieve symptoms.

surgery. Doctor according to the condition of clinical, advice on whether the orthopaedic surgery to improve the flexibility and stability of the foot, to solve the problem.

function training. A lot of the production of the congenital flat feet, often is a foot muscle strength is insufficient, can’t keep arches, plantar fascia ligament is flabby, overweight obesity, abnormal gait, shoes don’t fit me wait for a reason. Function training can be eliminated by relaxing foot lower limb muscle fascia pain inflammation, strengthen a foot muscles and lower extremity strength, correct these aspects of gait and operation mode, to prevent and improve the effect of flat feet.

10 scientific training actions to improve your flat feet

1, a foot to relax. Standing or sitting in a chair, a foot support balance, the other foot to foot, Calcaneal to plantar toe joints between regions) Press the tennis ball or fascia, slow before and after rolling, reciprocating 10 – 2-12 times, do Three groups.

2, legs to relax. Sitting on the mat, the side of the tennis or fascia ball below the calf muscle, weight lower limb function in tennis, slowly rolling, reciprocating 10 – 2-12 times, do Three groups.

3, legs stretched. Wall standing lunges, front legs bent, hind legs straight and the foot is within eight stand, stretch back on the lateral part of the static stretch for 30 – 2-45 seconds, do Three groups.

4, grab a towel. Standing or sitting, tile at the foot of the towels, with toes hard, towel, after to keep 3 seconds, then relax and repeat 15 2-20 times, do Three groups.

5, seated lift heel. Sitting in a chair, keeping your feet foot tiptoe always contact with the ground, then do the high lift heel action, at the same time, hands on knees down hard fought with two legs. Carried to the peak keep 3 seconds, down the heel. 15 – repeat carried high heel 2-20 times, do Three groups.

6, resistance and hook the feet. Sitting on the mat, elastic belt end winding forefoot, fixed at the other end. Do hook foot movements (elastic band Tippy toes to be near knee direction) , foot to the greatest extent to keep 3 seconds, then relax. Repeat feet 15 2-20 times, do Three groups.

7, back shell. Lie on the bed or the mat, above the knees winding stretch belt, keeping both feet together, knees do slow opening and closing of the reciprocating movement, resistance to complete the action, elastic band repeat 15-20 2-20 times, do Three groups.

8, resistance strephenopodia. Sitting on a mat or on the bed, elastic belt end winding orthotic insole manufacturers, the other end fixed on the outside of the foot area. Foot against elastic belt movement do varus adduction of the resistance, including double hard end remains for 3 seconds, then return to the starting position, repeat 15-20 2-20 times, do Three groups.

9, arch static contraction. Stand or sit down, feet natural support condition, try big toe root down the ground, Toe is natural straight, don’t bend) And to be near heel direction, trying to make higher arches, slowly feeling arch contraction sense of power. Can also be placed under the big toe root 1 yuan coin, and the interface is easy to slide. It hard to understand action, you can by other people hold the heel, the other hand the instep, slightly to give foot to correct, reduce its outer, push up arch, shorten the foot long. Repeat 4 – 6-6 times, do 8 groups.

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