Slip ankle injury in emergency response

slight cold seasons past, see the coldest time in a year is coming, which is associated with our foot ankle joints are easy to become less stiff.

winter wet and icy has increased the possibility of foot and ankle: fall, strain, sprains phenomenon will gradually increase. Especially in snow or snow, after suffering ankle foot movement injury patients tend to be significantly increased.

so, in this cold winter we should be how to protect yourself? And assuming that in the event of damage, we should take what kind of emergency measures?


the structure of the ankle joint is

we say normally is actually two ankle joints. The ankle is narrow ( The tibia bone) Responsible for the up and down movement of our ankles, and talus joints ( Talus, calcaneal) Responsible for the lateral movement.

the tibia, fibula and ankle (ankle The talus) Composition.

his leg at the top of the ankle form a listric pockets. Below the ankle is under the talus joints, ankle and heel bone ( Calcaneal) Attached to it. Three sets of ligament connecting bones, and provide stability for the two joints. You can feel your bumps on either side of the ankle is the end of the leg bone. Ankle outer convex ( External ankle) Is a part of fibula, the smaller mass of ankle inside ( The inside of the ankle) Is part of a small leg bone.

the north snow ice, prone to slip on the ice and fell phenomenon, may lead to a sprained ankle, leading to pain and injury. Ankle fracture is one of the most common injuries in winter. At the same time may cause ligament injury of ankle joint fracture. When know the anatomic structure of ankle, so how to judge a broken bone is a fracture or sprain?

due to severe sprain usually may mask the symptoms of ankle fracture, so every time the ankle injury should be checked by a doctor. Ankle fracture symptoms include:

1, immediately, and severe pain experience;

2, swelling performance;

3, bruised skin;

4 the pain you feel, touch,

5, cannot load;

6, abnormal shape, such as dislocation and fracture.

if your foot and ankle pain in one or two hours after the injury did not reduce, or difficult to weight-bearing activities, please timely medical treatment.


the prevention measures of protection of ankle

in order to avoid to slip in the winter can lead to foot and ankle injuries, please take the following precautions:

1, careful slippery lanes and sidewalks and stairs.

2, walking slowly when you carry heavy objects to maintain balance;

3, wearing non-slip bottom or durable soles of shoes, avoid wearing high heels;

4, wear cotton or synthetic socks to keep warm.

if you have the following requirements, please contact us:

1, precise digital measurement and ankle rehabilitation evaluation;

2, children and adults all kinds of custom originated in Europe and the United States technology of orthopedic shoes and orthopedic insoles and custom orthoses, etc.