Technically correct shoes restraint children flat feet | how to prevent children flat feet

flat feet is very common in life. Foot bones in children is not fully mature, easy to appear the phenomenon such as flat feet, after sufficient evaginate, this is normal phenomenon of the foot in the children grow up, but when children foot muscles appear too loose, it could form a serious flat feet, after serious foot evaginate of foot, can affect children gait and daily life activities. The parents found the child should take response as soon as possible when flat feet in severe cases, give the child to choose the appropriate correction flat feet shoes seriously. So, serious correction flat feet shoes useful? How long need to wear a day?

actually, serious flatfoot is mainly caused by congenital and acquired two factors, congenital factors are: X leg, plantar fascia too loose, the muscles are soft, muscle imbalances and abnormal bone structure; Traumatic accidental factors are: the day after tomorrow, weight increased dramatically. Such as wearing inappropriate shoes for a long time, the weight is on the high side and lack of exercise will cause deterioration, symptoms such as knee and hip joint strain. 】

if parents choose to let children wear corrective shoe insoles and correction to cope with the serious situation, flat feet, need to professional orthopedic shoe store for fitting. Correct shoes and custom insoles center foot division correction when fitting corrective insoles to the child’s foot 3 d scanning, gait tracking and other professional assessment, and comprehensive consideration of physical development information such as height and weight.

flat feet how to prevent children

flat feet to prevent children in a timely manner and must not treat STH lightly. Any concern on prevention, so flat feet to prevent children from grabbed, begin from the following four aspects: prevention.

the first on the one hand, children’s nutrition supplement in time. Adequate nutrition is the prerequisite of children health growth, at the same time avoid children too long standing, weight-bearing walking too much lack of energy.

2 aspects: preventing flatfoot children to exercise more, especially the foot muscles to relax. If you can, supervise and urge them to practice every day a foot touchdown walking to the outer 2 ~ 3 times. Children can put a few small pebbles in the tub when bathing, let them be caught to practice, to prevent flat feet.

the third aspect: timely correcting incorrect posture. Children keep good posture, avoid knees introversion and extroversion w-shaped or sitting posture, grab from their most fundamental life behavior.

4 aspects: shoes and socks for the children choose correctly. Cotton shoes, and comfortable, suitable for use in children’s wear. The size of the shoes and socks maximum an inch or so. Between feet and shoes should be gaps, air insulation, increase the warmth retention property, increase their comfort shoes.

so correct shoes need to wear a day how long? Correct shoes in time, in fact, the longer the better the results, but also need only walk in children sports wear, reduce the number of children walking joint strain, night rest can let the child take off the correct shoes set his mind at to sleep. It is worth mentioning that in order to solve the children don’t like to wear at home package problems with correct shoes, love has been also introduced a slipper type correct shoes, suitable for severe flat feet, serious after sufficient evaginate of home use, very convenient. It is followed by the Angle and arch supporting design, put on after, can the centralizer ankle, adjust lower limb power line; When you walk, can cut the odds of joint strain, relieve muscle fatigue and pain.