Ten thousand steps each day, to achieve fitness effect?

imperceptibly, ‘ten thousand steps’ had become healthy and unhealthy watershed. List and all kinds of APP step gauge equipment emerge in endlessly, have been enhancing people ‘walk ten thousand steps to full health, a day to lose weight’ impression.

so, in order to let own cover title, harvest large quantities of thumb up, people tried all sorts of ways ‘brush’ steps. In fact, such a comparison mentality is not desirable, and in ‘take ten thousand steps a day behind also there are many misconceptions.

1。 Ten thousand steps each day, to achieve fitness effect?

a: in theory is possible.

the world health organization says, for a day count of less than 5000 steps, lack of exercise ‘sedentary people’, has many health risks. In addition, in general, the human daily intake of total quantity of heat of 1500 ~ 2000 kilocalorie, in addition to the normal life consume more calories ( General is 1500 ~ 1700 kcal) , walk ten thousand steps a day or so, just can make excess calories consumed.

2。 Ten thousand steps a day really have fitness, the effect of weight loss?

a: day step, does not necessarily have a workout!

of course, from the point of view of heat, day step than the quantity of heat that use up is very considerable.

but the problem is that not all of the ten thousand steps under the certain intensity. If only work on the toilet in the office, or just at home and went up into the toilet, then pacing and cannot have fitness effect, the number of count not as the standard of judging exercise.

that is to say, even if ‘go’ to ten thousand steps each day, but they are not all of the steps ‘effective’.

to remind of the fitness effect, generally need to walk 3000 steps in order to be at least 30 minutes of aerobic exercise intensity, at this time should be mild shortness of breath, sweating, pale slightly reddish and other symptoms.

so, if you really want to rely on line step to fitness, weight loss, suggest to draw special time for walking, rather than superstition count list.

3。 Day step, is not entirely safe

although mentioned above, the walk is a convenient, safe and a lower risk of movement, but it is not for everyone. In fact, there have been many cases caused by excessive or walk walk undeserved. Come out of these ‘disease’ include: overweight patients because to walk too much, lead to knee synovitis; And meniscus injury, cartilage injury, osteoarthritis, and so on.

therefore, must according to individual condition, a suitable plan to ‘walk’, such as heart rate control in ( 220 – Age) * 60% ~ ( 220 – Age) * 80% range; If feel the energy consumption is too large, or waist sour backache, should be properly reduced activity; If still have pain after reduced activity, should suspend ‘walk’ fitness, medical consultation in time.

the last note that as far as possible before you go to sleep at night don’t exercise, lest the body is in a state of excitement, affect sleep; Before starting ‘walk’ fitness, best first to warm up, reduce the pain of probability.