The baby with the horoscope, wear shoes with correct work?

parents reflect less, the baby always wrestling, when walking on tiptoe itself, and walked not good-looking. Little imagine, there are some abnormal posture is pathological, if the delay treatment, will cause serious consequences. And this phenomenon is what we often say that the horoscope, although the horoscope begin not obvious, but the harm is great, here small make up take stock inside the dangers of eight words for everyone.

a, joints become uneven, cause scoliosis

within eight legs problem, more directly leads to appear the pelvis forward, Backward) , in the long term is not correct on all joints, such as the neck thoracolumbar spinal scoliosis will appear, as well as the high and low shoulder posture.

2, unstable running, walking, easy to wrestling

baby walked on tiptoe, inward slant leapfrog, instability may center, especially when running, feet alternately, tiptoe spin easily within their legends.

if the child appears to walk inside the status of the eight words, parents should intervene early. We can to correct through two aspects, the first step is to formulate appropriate corrective shoe insoles or correction to intervene. For eight gait, special custom correct shoes and correct insoles will use the principle of biomechanics and scientific protection of arch retainer, make the foot related muscle, ligaments, bones, for the normal development, help children healthy growth. But to choose correct shoes or customizing corrective insoles is a skilled job, ‘he choose bad not correction effect not only, also may be counterproductive, against the foot of correction.

the market on a lot of correct shoe insoles and correction institutions, but the quality good and bad are intermingled, parents in choosing a institutions to polish eyes. Like children correct shoes custom center equipped with standard configuration, such as large-scale measurement instruments, with professional knowledge of staff, through comprehensive consideration and artificial adjustment of the scientific data, can configure out suitable for children correct pair of shoes. Large equipment can be 3 d measure baby’s foot, by gait real-time tracking, real-time measurement and so on, combined with large data restore true foot status of children. At the same time, professional foot orthopaedic division will be according to the situation of children’s trying on fine-tuning, is given to the child very accord with foot development of correct pair of shoes.

and the second step is the need to wear corrective shoes fit some exercises to correct, in order to improve the effect of recovery. Accompany the child to do some stretching and bouncing exercise, can exercise the foot muscle development, it is an important step to promote the arch back to normal, rope skipping, playing basketball is a good choice. Finally, the correct shoes to remind parents, but also pay attention to children’s mental level, how to encourage and persuade, to give children more confidence, can let the child have the confidence to early body from the foot of obsession.