The child sufficient evaginate | correct knowledge shoes do you want to know

Outside the newborn child, heel to leave, and O shaped legs will, this is normal physiology phenomenon. In general, the baby will grow with age and gradually become the foot heel vertical, generally become vertical at about 13 years old. Baby in different growth period of the knee joint shape will be different, specific is: born to 18 months baby knee will O shape; 18 months to 4 years old knee is X; 4 – 6 years old knees distance increases gradually; Knees after 6 years of age is about a finger wide distance. However, when the parents found the child’s foot growth orbit deviated from normal physiology, particularly toward the tilt state rising, will need to be nervous, timely intervention, to see whether you need to prepare a pair of correct shoes auxiliary child foot normal growth. Correct shoe insoles and correction is how to play a role in the high rectify correct shoes and insoles, for example, it is specifically for serious flat feet under the age of 14, after sufficient evaginate, slightly pointed foot, X leg children shoes and insoles. The correct shoes all package design: use of ankle joint on both sides of the heel cup, add hard fixtures, upper heightening, will foot structure of the whole package, which increases the stability and control, further the centralizer ankle, to help control the knees of the force line, effectively controlled after sufficient evaginate amplitude; And corrective insoles can according to the degree of flat arches, a foot soft tissue thickness gives the most close to the required volume and orthodontic force, can the centralizer ankle, adjusting force line of lower limbs. When children wear high rectify correct shoes and insoles, can effectively adjust the walking foot bone structure, the direction of the muscle activity and biological force line, control the movement of the ankle joint and maintain its stability, so as to achieve the fixed strain, stress and joint probability, the gait returns to normal, more robust. Children foot insoles is different correction should be tailored to select a survey recently, along with the development of arch to improve, but there are still about 25% children arch on the low side, flat feet, that is, it is often said, it is known that children have flat feet, daily performance is often call foot tired feet uncomfortable pain, is not willing to do more exercise, walking to sprain, etc. After a lot of attentive parents found the child arch anomaly will give children below the doctor’s advice to buy a pair of correct shoes, but there are a lot of parents don’t know how to choose appropriate corrective pair of shoes. , said an official with the correct shoes, choose greatly exquisite corrective insoles, it like myopia glasses, require strict fitting, according to the different sufficient conditions to choose the appropriate corrective insoles. Each child’s arch are different, and the same child’s foot arch situation is likely to have very big difference, flatfoot children often accompanied by sufficient evaginate, foot eight, knock knees, hips, scoliosis, each child’s situation will differ in thousands ways. When fitting corrective insoles, foot division correction to the child’s foot 3 d scanning, gait tracking and other professional assessment, and comprehensive consideration of physical development information such as height and weight.